Sunday, 29 July 2012

July 29, 2012


 Pakistani nation convicts you and sentence

 you as traitors!

Today, when the liberals have their say in Pakistani media, they have blocked all conservative, nationalist, Islamic and ideological views and arguments. They have forced their own obnoxious, vulgar, filthy, western immoral brand of shameless immorality upon the nation. Then they have the audacity of calling themselves as champions of freedom of expression as well.

So tomorrow when the conservatives will come to power, they will also have the right to block all liberal views harshly. Then liberals should not complain. This is only natural justice!

We have given clear and firm warning to Pak media. You have been measured and found to be gravely wanting. The time for your accountability is now closer than you think. Pakistani nation convicts you and sentence you as traitors!

The great news is that now our book

 From Indus to Oxus  has been translated into 

Urdu as well, alhamdolillah



We would urge you to see this 3 minutes video, MashAllah. The great news is that now our book From Indus to Oxus has been translated into Urdu as well, alhamdolillah. Though the final print edition will take another 3 months in composing, proofing, designing and printing, the most difficult mountain of translating the epic has been crossed, MashAllah.

Here are the comments of the translator Waqas Wasti who took on the project as an academic exercise and came out as a transformed soul jolted by the extreme passions, emotions and adventures of that forgotten era. We had to share these with you! Need your dua for the project to be completed with khair and afiat. It is another gift we want to leave for our future generations!

Two most critical weapons of mass destruction are : 

Medicine system and education system


Under the umbrella of political, judicial, economic systems of Dajjal, there are many sub-systems which are used to control and destroy the society from within. Media is also one of them. In addition to that, two most critical weapons of mass destruction are : Medicine system and education system -- both run by the Masonic Mafias to control the body and mind. Here, on our blog, read about both the systems which will also need massive overhaul and must be surgically removed. This is the knowledge the Kufr system do not want you to have. Read it, absorb it, ponder over it, spread it and then become a soldier against them.

If we want to create a system of Khilafat e Rshida, then we must know what are we fighting against and why it would take such time and force to remove the existing systems of Kufr to replace them with natural organic systems of health, education and knowledge. We have no choice but to return to the system of Ilm gifted by Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Khair inshAllah.




 The most stunning and strongest slap on the face of 

US Democracy which our liberals worship as god!



This 8 minutes video video is the most stunning and strongest slap on the face of US Democracy which our liberals worship as god! The US General is exposing the coup of Zionists in the USA and talking about the project of new American century as the instrument of destruction in the Middle East which we are seeing now. This was recorded in 2007 and now we see the dirty wars unfolding around us.

When we talked about these wars, they called us Conspiracy theorists. Now what they would say to Wesley Clark, the 4 star US general? He did not mention Pakistan in the list but we know now that we are on this list as well.

Let them plot and plan. Allah has His own plans. But do note the shamelessness of our political leaders and media who want to remain in denial about the US grand strategy.

Khair inshAllah

More than the terrorism and wars --

 Its the medical industry and doctors who kill !

You want to meet the real terrorists and the weapons of mass destruction? These are the doctors and pharma mafia of the Zionist controlled medicine companies.

This video must be seen by all people of the world. The Mafia of pharmaceuticals and medical profession which kills millions each year, more than the wars and terrorism combined.

The solutions are reverting back to nature and medicine of the Rasul Allah (sm). The alternate medicines which are herbal, homeopathic, acupuncture and even greek herbal (hikmat) must be aggressively promoted instead of this Mafia driven allopathic medicine. Watch this video. It will shatter many myths, shake your soul and radically alter the way the way you look at doctors and medicine. The entire Zionist system is fasad fil ard. Their economics is based on Riba, their politics is based on democracy and their healthcare is based on mass murder for profits, Astaghfurullah! Shall post more on this Mafia InshAllah.

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