Thursday, 12 July 2012

July 12, 2012

 InshAllah, Zaid Hamid Sahab  once again, 

tonight on Waqt News



InshAllah, once again, tonight on Waqt News, Watch us again at 8 PM in the program of Fareeha Idrees on NATO supplies and the devastating impact of releasing the supplies. InshAllah khair for Pak Sarzameen. Barak Allah feekum. ZH

Akbar Bugti had committed suicide and he was not killed

by the army, many skeptics wanted proof.

Last night when we said that Akbar Bugti had committed suicide and he was not killed by the army, many skeptics wanted proof.

This is a classic case where media wages a fierce war against the state to prove that Pak army had committed the “crime” of killing Akbar Bugti. This propaganda and disinformation is sustaining the BLA insurgency in the country. The Madar Pidar azaad media is attacking the army and the state of Pakistan by supporting the enemy propaganda and the “azaad” Adlia are keen on registering cases against the state of Pakistan and patriotic officers for “killing” a traitor. The entire judicial circus is based on fake cases registered by the traitors themselves exploiting the emotional lies being spread in the media. No one wants to talk about the facts that Akbar Bugti committed suicide and killed 5 army officers with him.

Najam sethi is a former BLA terrorist and most venomous anti army snake. Even he is forced to ack in his paper that Akbar Bugti had committed suicide and Pak army did NOT kill him.

By Allah, a most severe legal accountability of media is overdue now. They are worse than TTP terrorists and hired assassins of MQM and BLA.

Judiciary should wake up now also. The terrorists are exploiting the media and the judicial in missing persons case and in the case of Akbar Bugti's suicide. The failure of the judiciary to see through this conspiracy is hurting the nation now severely.

This explosive Azaan can actually trigger a 

military coup in Pakistan! 

This explosive Azaan can actually trigger a military coup in Pakistan! Pakistan is rapidly imploding under the deployed 4th generation war and the politicians, judiciary and the media remain in denial while the rank and file of the army fume in rage as the controlled demolition of the state continues in this imposed “democracy”!

Here, we fiercely attack and expose the fifth columnists, hostile strategies and enemy psy-ops against Pakistan in a time when both the Supreme Court and the Army leadership is indecisive about the gravest threats the nation and the country faces. Under the façade of media freedom, we are being attacked by most venomous lies, deceptions and propaganda by the so called “free media”. Listen to this azaan and have the confidence and the faith that InshAllah soon, the traitors will meet their well deserving end. InshAllah great khair is coming for Pak Sarzameen.

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