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July 3, 2012


Ten reasons why NATO supplies must never be opened !





Ten reasons why NATO supplies must never be opened: US can move heaven and earth but this is what Pakistanis believe and we are not taking any more non-sense from the US now. Enough!

1. US is building an invasion level army in Afghanistan but giving the false perception that they plan to leave by 2014. Over 3,500 armored infantry vehicles and 5000 containers of weapons stuck in Pakistan, as well as Abrams M1A1 main battle tanks are not going for ant-Taliban operations. Taliban do not have aircraft. US is taking in anti aircraft radars and guns. Do they really think we are that stupid? This military buildup is for Af-Pak military doctrine which envisions invasion of Pakistan in tandem with Indian Cold start invasion from the East once the deployed 4th generation war reaches critical levels of anarchy.

2. US supply line is also the supply line for non-state violent actors like TTP, BLA and other militants groups in Karachi, where hundreds of containers have been "lost" inside Pakistan and their weapons gone "missing". TTP has killed or wounded over 100,000 Pakistanis so far in their bloody war against Pak Sarzameen and we all know that they are based in Afghanistan, protected by NATO and Karzai and backed by RAW. The Salala check post attack by NATO, which resulted in this blockade, was carried out by NATO to clear passage for the TTP insurgents.

3. Give us one reason why should we be part of the illegal American war to kill Afghan Muslims? US itself is talking to Afghan Taliban and resistance for a political settlement but wants Pakistan to wage a war against them! For the last 12 years, Pakistan has been bulldozed and abused into an illegal war of occupation, just as Soviets had done in 80's. Now we are not willing to be pat of it Its that simple. US did not enter Afghanistan after taking our permission nor it is our responsibility to maintain their forces there. They can go to hell as far as we are concerned.

4. The US war in Afghanistan has also brought the war inside Pakistan with over $90 billion worth of loses, damages, destruction to reads and transport infrastructure and over 100,000 killed or wounded so far and counting. The peanuts given to Pakistan as CSF are not more than bribes to the rulers. The entire logistical supply line was free, without any taxes, duties or compensation for the losses. Pakistani nation has only bled through this war. Not anymore. Enough.

5. US now plan to bring India as strategic partner in Afghanistan which would create another nightmare security crisis for Pakistan. Already the Indian presence in Afghanistan has brought death and destruction to Pakistan as RAW is the main handler of TTP and BLA for the CIA. US want Pakistan to support and facilitate Indian presence in Afghanistan. They think we are crazy. Over our dead bodies. By killing the Af-Pak military doctrine, Pakistan also kill the Indian game plan in Afghanistan. US have made a terrible blunder by waging a war against Pakistan and inviting Indians to take charge in Afghanistan. Enough to make us very very angry.

6. Pakistan’s parliament has passed a resolution blocking all weapons supplies into Afghanistan. Now it is illegal and a crime to send weapons into Afghanistan. Pakistani nation has spoken and its verdict is sharp. No weapons to Afghanistan occupation forces ever. Not through land, not through air.

7. US has been waging a massive drone war inside Pakistan, killing hundreds of innocent Pakistanis whose blood is cheaply ignored as “collateral damage”. US have totally refused to acknowledge Pakistan’s protests and demands that these illegal campaigns be stopped. Why should we listen to US when US is directly involved in killing our people just as TTP, BLA and other terrorist gangs?

8. If the supplies are resumed, this would dangerously pitch the nation against armed forces and Pakistan army. Pakistani armed forces are respected and loved by the people and it is the will of the people that these supplies must remain blocked. Today, dozens of officers and men of Pak army are dying each week at the hands of CIA / RAW backed terrorists. If the supplies are resumed, this number would reach to hundreds per week as insurgents and terrorists would get fresh supply of weapons and explosives.

9. Have we forgotten Dr. Afia? No we have not. US war crimes and crimes against humanity are long but none so serious as abduction, incarceration and conviction of Dr. Afia. Raymond Davis also killed our citizens, we have not forgotten the Salala massacre, Abbotabad raid was also a violation and insult to our dignity but we can never forget what US has done to an innocent mother whose life and family has been mercilessly butchered by the US. It is her revenge we take in every way we can.

10. It would be the most staggering military blunders of all times to let the enemy supplies pass through our land when it plans to invade us with the help of Indians to turn us into another Iraq and then into another Yugoslavia! We know their game now and their war against Pak sarzameen is hurting us every day. Now this nation won’t be part of their diplomatic non-sense and lies. If the rulers try to open the supplies, there would be an open armed rebellion in the country against the government.

Let the government decide what they want. People of Pakistan have also decided already. We will show them what we mean InshAllah. Let them try to open the supplies.



BrassTacks policy papers on economy and global crash!



Capitalism is dead! The exploitative, interest based, Banking system based on paper currency is now crashing!

These are most critical BrassTacks policy papers on global economy and financial crisis. These will shock and awe you and then fascinate you with the simplest and most time tested solutions. Here we have compiled them in a pdf book format.

EU and US economy is crashing rapidly. In next 3 months, InshAllah, there would be a complete meltdown in Euro zone and Euro's future as a currency is already serious doubted. The Capitalist economic system is also crashing - we have entered the last phase of destruction of Capitalism. With the collapse of the EU zone, 1.4 trillion dollars worth of US economy entangled with Euro zone would also come crashing down putting extreme stress on dollar which would ignite a massive global economic crisis.

The economic back bone of US and EU is now broken! They cannot wage another war against Pakistan. Pakistan is in the strongest position to resist and block NATO’s moves in the region. This is the time to hit the NATO and the US. Our moment of glory in history is closer than most of you think.

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