Thursday, 26 July 2012

July 27, 2012

We never say die!




Dear Children, members, soldiers, Calm down. Why are you panicking? These trials are just to test your mettle, character and fiber to see how much faith you have in Allah (swt). In the crusades, when there was total darkness and crusaders were charging through the Muslim lands and even Jerusalem had fallen to Crusaders, and then Allah send Salahuddin from nowhere. A massive response is coming and it will come from most unexpected quarter InshAllah. That we promise you.

Sabr, have faith and stay strong and do not start crying or cribbing. Americans are NOT god. They were humiliated and defeated in Vietnam and are being destroyed in Afghanistan. We will teach them another lesson in defeat inshAllah.

They can never swallow us! We are Pakistani Muslims! We never say die!

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