Saturday, 21 July 2012

July 22, 2012

Your laptop is your weapon and battle station.

 be a solider of Rasul Allah (sm)

 Now is the time!

May Allah (swt) bless these sons and daughters of Pak Sarzameen who are fighting this most critical information war in these desperate times. Watch these videos and spread them to each and every Pakistanis. If we expose the enemy plans and give hope to our nation, we have won half the battle. This battle is fought in the theater of information warfare and perception management. Your laptop is your weapon and battle station. be a solider of Rasul Allah (sm) and defend the Ummah. Now is the time!

Who says US wants to leave ? !!! 

We will have to force them out, drag their tails

 just as we did to Soviets



We had warned that US is taking in 3500 tanks and armored cars in Afghanistan and that means that it does not plan to leave the country in 2014 and that they are preparing to invade Pakistan from the West to cut a "strategic corridor" through Baluchistan under the Af-Pak! US cannot keep its supply line under threat in Pakistan. it has to cut another route through Gawader to Afghanistan.

Now one of their own confirmed our analysis based on the war preparations of the US. The Crusaders DO NOT want to leave Afghanistan ever! We will have to drag them from their tails to throw them out. By releasing NATO supplies, we are helping the enemies to dig deeper and stronger in Afghanistan for a war against ourselves. This is called suicide in plain English!

Khair inshAllah. If it has come to that, we know our enemies and the traitors. They will be dealt with merciless ruthlessness InshAllah.



This incredible document must be read by all 

policy makers and Muslims especially



Every word in this document is shockingly true. This is an incredible document on how the private bankers, federal reserve, Bank of England etc control the world, create fake money, control markets, media and politics as well as enslave the humanity through an ingenious fraud called fractional reserve banking system.

If we want to change the system, we must know where to hit – the banking interest and money lending by private banking frauds through fractional reserve system.

After reading this you will know why the elections, politics, political parties and media never change the system -- because they are controlled by the money lenders and bankers and play within the system created for the society to protect the money lender's interest. The entire humanity suffers from this system, not just Muslims but only Muslims have the solution to this economic slavery!

All those Muslims and thinkers who want to create a new political, social and economic order must first understand how the present banking system works and how it controls the lifeline of the society – the money.

The wars, bloodshed, violence and anarchy that you see in the world today, even in the western world, is due to the practice of money lending by these private bankers. There is a reason why Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) has declared war on a financial practice -- money lending on interest!!!!!

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