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July 28, 2012



  Just when Jews were sure of their plan, 

Allah was rising another Muslim power behind them

 -- Turkey! 



While the Kufr is making its moves, Allah is planning too and indeed Allah is the best of the planners. The entire Middle East and Pakistan is now a war zone and the Zionists thought they can have their way by destroying every Arab and Muslim land in greater Middle East. Just when Jews were sure of their plan, Allah was rising another Muslim power behind them -- Turkey!

Egypt is also in the awakening and inshAllah soon, Pakistan will also get rid of this filthy democracy and have a patriotic dignified and courageous government which would link up with Turkey, Iran, and Egypt. Never ever lose hope and faith. The battle between khair and sharr will always continue. Allah has NOT abandoned the Ummat of Rasul Allah (sm).

These are difficult times but greater leadership will rise from these. Just wait and make the best of this Ramazan to seek maghfirat and khair from Allah (swt). InshAllah, very soon, you will see Pakistan rising like a tiger. This will NOT happen through this democracy. You will see when it happens. Dont ask questions on how, who and when. Prepare yourself and wait for Allah's judgement to unfold. It is close now.

 Illuminate card game




Ever heard about ‘Illuminati Card Game 1995′? The Illuminati Card Game … It is amazing that the game, released in 1995, shows many images of disasters, happened after 1995.

Some examples are given in the attached cards.

Note that the "Combined Disasters" Card shows Big Ben of London falling with a disaster...And you will be shocked to note that the 5 people who are running, wearing 5 colors of Olympics Rings ..

Are they going to play another Illuminati card?

The point we are making here is that events are being planned by the enemies and Zionists but we have to prepare and respond to the threats. The Zionists are on a full global war now against Muslims. Syria is the main battle field for now.

There are reasons why Rasul Allah (sm) has warned Muslims of such fitnahs. If you see those signs, take precautions. If you do not see those sign, it means that those tests are not for your time but for future people. It does not mean that the spiritual knowledge given in Hadees is wrong.

The Ramazan 15th Friday event could be a massive blast in Syria or in London or in any Muslim land which would throw up lots of dust and radioactive cloud as Rasul Allah (sm) has asked Muslims to stay indoors in those times. We will know soon as Olympics are going on and 15th of Ramazan is coming on Friday and a war is going on in Syria and Zionists plan a massive war against Muslims. So do not panic and stand firm to face what comes our way. If these times pass in khair, good for us. If enemies plan a fitnah, then do not panic. Rasul Allah (sm) has foretold us of these events. Khair inshAllah.




The Pakistani fighter pilot and legend who shot down 5 Indian

 aircraft in a single combat sortie, MashAllah


Today, a BrassTacks team visited MM Alam sahib in hospital in Karachi. Do you remember Alam sahib? The Pakistani fighter pilot and legend who shot down 5 Indian aircraft in a single combat sortie, MashAllah.

I have almost 44 years old association with this great dervesh MashAllah. First met in Sargodha after the war in 1965 and since then then we finally spent time in Afghan Jihad also in 1990 when we were in Northern regions of Ahmed Shah Masood.

Alam sahib is not well these days. Pl do dua for him. I sent him our book from Indus to Oxus, which has a detailed account of our travels together in war the zones of Afghanistan. Then I talked to him on phone also. Here he is talking to me with the book on his side. These are the true heroes of Pakistan whom the nation and the media has forgotten. He is frail, weak but his voice and memory is as firm and solid as a true fighter pilot, MashAllah.

Stay blessed Alam sahib. Even if our children have not seen you, this nation love you and remains in your debt. Love you sir. ZH

This is the time to stand firm, hold your ground against

 Dajjal and declare your love and loyalty to Rasul Allah (sm).


The Zionist Satanic rituals have begun in London in the name of Olympics. With a one eyed Masonic mascot, under the Illuminate pyramid of flood lights, the blatantly arrogant masonic Zionists now flout their power and new plan for global enslavement and balkanizaiton of the Muslim lands. The new world order of 2012 rolls out exactly 100 years after the creation of first world order of Federal Reserve Bank in 1912!

The slaughter of Muslims intensify in many places of the world. Burma, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and now Syria as part of ritualistic sacrifices. The region would be on fire now as Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Israel, US, NATO, Kharjis, Kurds and Russians join the battle to protect their interests.

There are clear signs that these London Olympics would be used to launch a false flag terror attack to nail the blame on Pakistan. The crusaders need a reason to gather the Kufr to attack Medina e Sani. The signs are too clear to ignore. Only a miracle can prevent their satanic plans.

These times were foretold in Hadees of Rasul Allah (sm). The system of Dajjal has to unfold itself more powerfully to be destroyed by the Muslims in the final Armageddon. You are born in times when you will be tested to the extremes.

Only your love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and your faith in Allah (swt) can protect you in these extreme times for the Ummah. It is not just Pakistan that is under intense pressure. The entire nation of Rasul Allah (sm) is in pain. This is the time to stand firm, hold your ground against Dajjal and declare your love and loyalty to Rasul Allah (sm). That is your only protection and indeed a solid one.

Do not panic. This Ramazan is your oppurtunity to revert back to Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). Do tauba and become a momin of Iqbal, with Faqr e Ghayyur and who is a Mard e Azaad. Who lives with dignity and when the times comes, he dies with honor! The moment of extreme darkness for the Ummah is also the moment of extreme glory for the brave! It is your time now. Grab it! Khair inshAllah.

Today, Pakistan is almost in identical state

 as the Ummah was in battle of Khandaq.

Dear patriots, stay firm and never ever doubt the amazing destiny written for you. Remember, the battle of Khandaq , the Trench (ahzab), when Muslims were surrounded and had to take protection behind a trench, with all the collective enemies ganging together to decimate the little Muslim Ummah? At that time, the hypocrites and traitors within the city of Medina were spreading rumors, fear, despondency and were advising Muslims to surrender.

Those were truly terrifying days, when according to Quran "Muslims were shaken violently"! But then, Muslims held their ground and used counter information war and aggressive psy-ops to spread hatred, disunity and despondency within the ranks of the invaders and then the help of Allah arrived in the form of a massive storm which destroyed the military camp of the enemies and they fled back in terror. Then it was time to punish the traitors, spies, hypocrites and the fifth columnists.

Today, Pakistan is almost in identical state as the Ummah was in battle of Khandaq. The enemies have arrived in numbers. We are surrounded, The traitors are spreading fear within. This is the time to hold your ground and resist at all levels. InshAllah, the help from Allah (swt) is closer than you think. Just sabr. Do not impatient. Have faith and fight back. Your battle station is information war. Spread hope, faith, unity and dignity. Khair inshAllah.

Nasrum MinnAllah Wa Fathun Qareeb, InshAllah.

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