Thursday, 5 July 2012

July 5, 2012


Zaid Hamid Sahab's  blast on Express news July 5th.


We are re-posting this ink again. Important points were missing in previous posts. Please watch again.

Destroying the myths, lies and deceptions of the corrupt regime and their crusader masters and exposing the genuine and clear and present dangers to Pak Sarzameen, this is our Azaan on Express TV tonight, alhamdolillah! The destiny will now unfold as Allah wills. We will only be His instruments! 


InshaAllah at 8 pm Watch Zaid Hamid on Express News

InshaAllah at 8 pm Watch Zaid Hamid on Express News analyzing the lethal impact of govt decision on NATO supplies. InshaAllah khair for Paksarzameen

 We will not take this non sense!


This is guaranteed that we will NOT take this non-sense from the traitors lying down. They have plotted and planned and Allah is also planning and indeed He is the best of the planners and His plans will now be executed through His chosen ones! The battle was on already. Now it is only going to get ruthless! These lines of communication for the crusaders WILL be blocked again, InshAllah!

The winds of change and a caretaker setup!


InshAllah, There is a great blessing hidden in this re-opening of the NATO supplies. This will ignite rage and anger within the nation to overthrow this regime violently. The most treacherous and corrupt regime in Pakistan's history needed to act so stupid and treacherous to unite the millat and enrage the armed forces. That has been done now.

The people with vision are giving great news about the "caretaker" setup to replace this filth and then of a most violent, ruthless and across the board accountability. We all agree, its about time some heads must roll!

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