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July 9, 2012


BrassTacks Security Review and Threat analysis:




Indians gained a major breakthrough in Afghanistan when Pakistan’s political government collapsed under US pressure and allowed NATO supplies to go through unconditionally, destroying the strategic advantage which Pakistan had over US and India in Afghanistan. Indians are now fully poised, aggressive and pro-active to exploit this moment of disaster for Pakistan.
What the PPP regime has done is literally auctioned Pakistan’s national security for free, allowing the Af-Pak military doctrine to re-group re-organize and re-launch their fatal existential war against Pakistan. The most sinister betrayal of national security has been delivered by Zardari and his gang.
By opening the NATO supply routes, the game has radically changed in Pakistan as well. The Zardari regime has taken a most risky gamble which now threatens more anarchy and violence in the country as the religious and patriotic groups are up in arms against the decision which is generally seen as a total and complete betrayal, violating every clause of the parliament’s resolution and demands of national integrity, dignity and security.
A massive protest rally has reached Islamabad and a showdown with the government is inevitable. Last week, we had written about another dimension of the NATO issue. The anger and rage within the armed forces. This is a major concern for us now. Pakistan army is daily giving casualties due to the NATO/CIA/RAW support to the insurgents from Afghanistan. Today in Gujarat, 14 army Jawans were killed or wounded.
The NATO attack on Salala check post which killed 24 Pakistani troops was also seen as a hostile act by NATO to protect the TTP terrorists. It was Pakistan army which was blocking the NATO supplies.
The reopening of the NATO supplies is now even a bigger crisis for the Pak army Chief General Kayani. With thousands of very angry Pakistanis now marching aggressively towards Islamabad, the image, credibility and respect of the army chief has also taken a very serious hit not just within the forces but also within the nation. General Kayani has risked his entire respect, dignity and credibility within the nation and within the powerful military institution he heads. In the next few days army Commanders are going to meet and re-evaluate the crisis once again.
To add more insult to injury, US did not apologize, neither released any funds which it owed, not signed a written agreement nor agreed to blockade of weapons. What the government has done is literally auctioned the nation for free. US also immediately said thank you by launching deadly drone raids inside Pakistan. Media uses the generic term “militant” for everyone killed in the drone raids. In reality, almost entirely, the casualties are civilians, women, children and the infirm.
A new war has now ignited in Pakistan which has finally brought out the people against the government. The Zardari regime has certainly over played their cards and have now opened too many fronts against too many powerful enemies. The final countdown has now begun for this regime as it desperately tries to counter attack against the people, against the Supreme Court and against the red hot anger in the army.
Within the next 10 days, major battles will be fought in Pakistan on streets, in judiciary, in media and in politics. The regime wants open confrontation and now they will get it. Within the parliament and in the courts, other battle lines are being drawn. This one is going to be messy perhaps bloody as well.
The Supreme Court will not take this broadside from the government lying down. The Chief Justice is now launching his own artillery and is shoring up his defenses against the proposed parliamentary laws which are designed to make him a sitting duck. The new battle between the Supreme Court and the government is going to start from.
Chief justice is now a serious pain the neck for the government. They have to remove him, kill him or clip his power to achieve their future political agenda of looting, plundering and auctioning the national wealth and interests. Since, the army chief is totally silent, the CJ is now putting up some resistance, perhaps for his own survival.
The next two weeks would be most critical, explosive, chaotic and even bloody in the country. All organs of the state are at war with each other and all enemies of the state are most aggressively attacking the state, people and the armed forces exploiting the anarchy at the top.
There is silence within the army but this is just the lull before the storm. Something is going to snap and explode soon – either on the streets or in the Supreme Court or in the GHQ. The status quo of anarchy is untenable now. Enemies are attacking with impunity on all axis. Drones, TTP, BLA and sectarian terrorists all had their field days of killings with impunity this week also.
There is literally no government in Pakistan today and the army is desperately over stretched fighting a war which is not just ruthless but outright dirty as well against enemies who are sinister, stealth and protected by the CIA and RAW in the safe havens of Afghanistan.
Nerves are going to snap and InshAllah, we expect some majorly good news within the next few days.
Khair inshAllah.

Sir Zaid Hamid's LIVE interview tonight at 11:05 p.m. PST 

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 People in UK and Europe can see us at 11 PM Pakistan time on Ummah Channel InshAllah for a brief interview on battle between the parliament and the judiciary and the crisis in Pakistan. Khair inshAllah. Viewers wanting to see online may have to make a login account first. Barak Allah feekum.

Unless the army decides to intervene NOW, it’s all over.

Dear Children, friends, members,

The final showdown has begun. There would be many shows worth seeing. The battles on the streets of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and on the GT read to block the angry aggressive protestors. Then there will be battles in the Supreme Court and the parliament, against each other. Then there will be a tense silence within the GHQ as the fallout of the decision to open the NATO supplies are evaluated and debated. Then the militants, terrorists, insurgents and even the CIA would unleash a massive and ruthless barrage of drone hits venting their rage at Pakistan’s blocking their supplies.

The last phase of the demolition of the state has begun. Unless the army decides to intervene NOW, it’s all over. We are NOT exaggerating. If the NATO supplies cross over into Afghanistan, then Pakistan would see an Iraq styled invasion from East and West – the combined might of Af-Pak, Cold start and the 4thGW unleashed.

On Monday, for those who are not part of the protests, remain careful on streets in Islamabad and Pindi. There would be road block, clashes and tear gassing and even worse..

Khair inshAllah! It is always the darkest before the Dawn!

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