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June 9, 2012

June 9, 2012

US is officially at war with Pakistan!! 
                                                        Finally the truth comes out.

When we said that US has declared a war against Pakistan under Af-Pak, the liberal secularists called us conspiracy theorists. When we said, the NATO supplies of 3500 tanks going into Afghanistan is for invasion into Pakistan from the western theater under Af-Pak and that Pakistan should seize the NATO supplies as enemy property, they again tried to laugh off our threat assessment and called us extremist and war monger.

Now read this -- coming from the mouth of the snake itself. Now he is giving a shut up call to those slaves who tried to defend the US war in Pakistan.

Now should we release the NATO supplies so that they can invade Pakistan under Af-Pak?? Now why we should NOT seize the NATO supplies as hostile enemy property???

Our response is clear -- Now we are also at war with crusaders. If the government tries to open the supplies, we will be at war against these traitors as well. It is in the open now. US is at war against Pak Sarzameen. They have started this war and now we will make our own allies. And one more thing -- Afghans don't take prisoners, neither would we!

June 9, 2012
Our duty is to roll back their plans from this "Somalia" 
stage and turn Afghanistan into their graveyard.

The 4th generation war which the CIA is waging in Pakistan means supporting multiple insurgencies, rebellions, drone warfare, and terrorists gangs specializing in urban warfare. The collapse of the state, government and law and order would then invite an invasion from Afghanistan under Af-Pak war doctrine and Indian Cold start.

There is no rocket science involved here. We know their plans to create unrest in Pakistan. The solution lies in destroying the 4thGW within Pakistan and kill the Af-Pak in Afghanistan. By blocking the NATO supplies we have seriously damaged the Af-Pak but 4thGW can only be defeated if we have a regime change in Islamabad and a most harsh accountability of the traitors, fifth columnists and media terrorists.

Right now they want to make "Somalia" out of Pakistan. Then the plan is to us into another "Iraq", and then into another "Yugoslavia". Our duty is to roll back their plans from this "Somalia" stage and turn Afghanistan into their graveyard.

That is why Panetta says US is at war against Pakistan and that is why we block their supplies and that is why the treacherous regime of PPP is trying to open the supplies and ANP/MQM want cut in defense budgets. Got it now?

June 9, 2012

Fi aman Allah Maheen

Pakistan lost one of its most patriotic daughters today and we lost a precious gem team member whose passion, Ishq and loyalty to Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen was a guiding beacon for thousands of patriots who knew her through her fiery and passionate writings only on our page.

Maheen died today in Rawalpindi after fighting a brief illness, leaving behind a legacy which would ignite passion and love for Pak sarzameen for generations to come. Our hearts bleed, our eyes flow but we say shukar and remain razi at the decision of our Rab and we promise to continue the passionate mission for which Maheen was so emotional about. Her two sons, one 7 and other only 15 days old, are not the only ones going to miss her now. Pakistan will miss her so dearly.

Stay blessed Child. It is an honor leading a pack which had tigress like you to defend Pak Sarzameen. We bear witness that you have done your duty with dignity and now have died a death of honor. May Allah be pleased with you. Now rest in peace and be sure that your mission will continue with the passion you ignited.

please recite fatiha for Maheen. Your sisters deserve your respect, love and dua.

Zaid Hamid

June 9, 2012 

This is the Maheen we are talking about -- a passionate,
 emotional  fiercely patriotic ashiq of Pakistan 
and Rasul Allah (sm).

Maheen wrote this to the team few days after the Giyari avalanche accident. This is the Maheen we are talking about -- a passionate, emotional fiercely patriotic ashiq of Pakistan and Rasul Allah (sm). Now you know why we feel such excruciating pain at her loss.

On April 22nd, she wrote to the core team:

"The operation underway in the Siachen avalanche is not about rescue anymore - they are digging to find bodies for proper burial in home towns. Most probably there will be dozens whose last resting place will remain the same, forever. Yes, they will stand up in uniforms, frozen bodies, and guns on their shoulders on the day of judgment. There fragrance will be felt by billions, and their Lord will smile at the most valuable martyrs on the highest battle ground, guarding the land created in his name, his guidance. Shuhada-e-Siachen, have a peaceful sleep beneath the snow, there will be no hardship when you will rise for eternity...!"

Now, on the day of judgment, she too will rise with Shuhuda of this millat for she is indeed one of them, MashAllah!! She wanted shahadat despite being a house wife. Allah blessed her with one!

June 9, 2012 

Here rests a tigress of Pak Sarzameen! 

We visited Maheen today. Under tons of freshly wet mud, covered in drying flowers, she rested peacefully underneath after fighting a fierce battle for Pak Sarzameen's honor and dignity on the cyber front. Her Ishq was this Pak Sarzameen and small sabz Hilali parcham adorned her last resting place - a true representation of a sensitive soul in love with our beloved medina e Sani of Ummat e Rasul (sm).

There were two Maheens we knew. One of her facets was was a simple housewife, mother, wife, daughter and an seemingly ordinary nagging but witty girl busy in daily routines of life. But her other side was an extremely passionate, brave, courageous, mystical and mysterious fighter for Pak Sarzameen and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) that she was truly formidable and a nightmare for the enemies of Pak Sarzamneen and Ummat e Rasul (sm). A true tigress who would defend her lair ferociously against all attacks against all enemies.

She cannot be replaced but would indeed inspire hundreds if not thousands more to ignite her fiercely free and patriotic spirit which believed in the power, sacredness and strength of this Pak Sarzameen and gave everything she had for the mission she so passionately believed in. She was a Momina of Iqbal, a shaheena, a woman of substance with Faqr e Ghayyur and Istaghna of a dervish. She was our team member, a sister to many, daughter to me personally.

We rise again with more courage and with more strength despite the excruciating pain we feel for we always knew we will be asked to give shaheeds on our march towards Takmee e Pakistan. She is the first shaheed from this humble jamaat of fuqara who have vowed to live with dignity and when the time comes, to die with honor. That is our journey and destiny as well. She was always in a hurry to do things and here also was the first to cross over to the other side. We shall follow too but first, we have got a war to fight and win for this Pak Sarzameen. We owe it to our millat, to our millions of shaheeds, to our faith, to our ideology and to our Maheen! This sabz hilali on her grave is our Ishq too!!

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