Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June 20, 2012

 Do not panic, prepare !!

Dear Children and members, read this carefully and do NOT panic.

There is no government in Pakistan today. Supreme Court has removed the prime minister and the cabinet but the SC have not removed the PPP regime. That means that PPP is going to make another government with a new prime minister and the looting, plundering and robbery of national wealth would continue. That also means that the anarchy, chaos, lawlessness, crisis of power, gas and fuel would also continue for the next few more weeks. In fact it is going to get worse.

We expect violent protests, riots and lawlessness in the country in the next 2 months. In the absence of a stable government, the insurgents, terrorists and criminals will take full advantage of the chaos and anarchy already present in the country.

Prepare yourself for these difficult times. Stock some food and essential supplies and if you have licensed weapons, keep them at home for self protection. With the levels of anarchy that we have seen in the last few days in urban Punjab, you may have to protect your own homes, honor and lives. In Karachi, Police have already given orders to the citizens to shoot the looters on sight. It has come to this now and it is going to get worse in the coming days. Don't panic, prepare.

We expect that till the end of August, this anarchy would continue, when finally, InshAllah, Supreme Court and army would then be forced to step in decisively to bring in a caretaker government which would start to stabilize the country.

InshAllah, there will be no elections. Also, InshAllah, the PPP regime and the PML(N) will not form the caretakers as they plan to do. This duty will also be done by the SC and army, InshAllah.

Ideally, we would like the SC to remove this regime today and save the country from the imminent collapse and chaos but it seems that the SC would take its time to decide the remaining cases against the regime and in the meantime, the anarchy would rule the streets.

InshAllah, great khair is coming. Like the monsoon clouds which foretell you of the arriving rains, the winds of change in politics are now blowing, alhamdolillah and great khair is coming very soon. But before that expect lots of violence, bloodshed and anarchy.

Do not panic and stay firm and stay indoors. InshAllah, this crisis will pass too and will give way to period of great khair very soon. Stay blessed and remember Pak sarzameen in your duas always.


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