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June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012

The next phase begins !!
 Get ready for external invasion

There are now reports of US aircraft carrier entering Pakistani waters near Gawader. Indians have been involved in attacking across the Line of Control for the past 2 days. It seems that the external threats of Af-Pak and Cold start are now flexing their muscles as the chaos and anarchy through the 4thGW reaches its peak in Islamabad and in rest of the country.

We had warned about this threatening scenario months ago. When the 4GW would reach its critical levels of collapse and controlled demolition, the external threats of invasion would rise. Hindu Zionists want to fight Pakistan to the last crusaders! US wants to deploy Indians on ground against Pak sarzameen.

Welcome. We wait in ambush! Remember this, we will NOT take prisoners. You can enter into Pakistan but by Allah, you will never leave this land alive!

Months ago, we had filed petition against Traitor media and their information war against Pak Sarzameen. CJ refused to hear that. We had asked the CJ to remove this regime over treason, corruption and siding with the enemies. He refused to do that also. Now he is fatally wounded by this regime and treacherous media and the collapse is now total in Islamabad.

We have no problems with the enemies from the outside. If we are burnt it is because of those within our ranks, pretending to be our leaders, "free media" and "azaad adlia"!!

Dana dushman is not a threat to us but a Munafiq within our ranks or a nadan dost in power over us. These snakes will be removed first InshAllah! The process has begun. You can see that now.

June 14, 2012

Memo is confirmed -- 
Now army must hang the traitors because CJ cannot !!

While the government and media are fiercely attacking the CJ exploiting the sins of his son, the real traitors are not being discussed in media. The memo commission report has come which clearly proves that Haqqani and his government in Islamabad are guilty of high treason! Watch this program to know the reality of the commission judgement.

This is the actual sin of the CJ that he delayed the judgement on memo high treason case and refused to listen to our petition against treacherous media. Now the same government and the media are bringing him down and humiliating him. In our May 3rd program, we had warned the CJ that a coup against him is being planned and he must dismiss this traitor government or resign to save himself. He did neither and today is being humiliated.

Now it is too late for CJ. He will most probably be destroyed or at least seriously bruised. But the nation must NOT forget the traitors who wrote the memo and they must also be put on trial for treason and hanged. Hussain Haqqani did NOT act alone. He had the full backing of Zardari and Gilani and now all of them are after the blood of poor CJ whose son became his biggest fitna!

June 14, 2012

Ummah as one body sans borders

When our divine ideology is universal, then how come our borders be confined within lines drawn on map?? For the last 1300 years, during the Khilafat and various Sultan and empires under it, Muslims traveled freely across the Muslim world from China to Andulusia, without any passports or visas! It was enough that you are a Muslim, a brother of faith, that you could trade, marry, byu property and settle in any part of the Ummah! This was the real power of Islam and its brotherhood which flowed knowledge, wealth, trade, sciences and technology as well as culture, languages and traditions across the entire globe freely. With gold as currency, there were no issues of forex exchanges or currency conversions. Me were truly free!

Then came this system of Dajjal. After the destruction of Khilafat in 1921, lines were drawn on maps and Ummah was divided into small pieces of land, passports and visas were introduced, every land was given a fake paper currency and traveling of Muslims within the Ummah was blocked! That was our downfall !

Within the Ummah, this is our mission. To bring back the Ummah as one solid body, where states and nations are only administrative units but with same currency, no visas, no passports, no restrictions to travel, trades or marriages. This is the wisdom of this deen. This is what all the greats had advised us to protect jealously! This is your duty now to achieve! InshAllah, we will.

June 14, 2012

We have a message for the enemies and munafiqs!

And for all the traitors, insurgents, liberals, seculars, fifth columnists, cowards, hypocrites, politicians, media anchors, analysts, kharjis, takfiris and jiyalas, surkhas and London wala's who have problems with Pak army -- we have a message for you :)))
June 14, 2012

Iqbal had foretold us this fate of West !

Baba Iqbal had foretold us 90 years ago that this Capitalist system based on blood sucking banks and bankers and paper currency would collapse one day and this western civilization will commit suicide with its own dagger!!! Witness the truth of this divine bisharat by Baba Iqbal!

EU is collapsing. PIGS (portugal, Italy, greece and spain) are now walking deads. NATO's economic backbone is shattered and they are desperate to leave Afghanistan. France is pulling out 2 years ahead of schedule. Other countries are following suit. US is now alone, abandoned, shattered, defeated and humiliated in Afghanistan, alhamdolillah!!

This is the time for decisively pull out of US war in Afghanistan and seize NATO supplies as compensations for US and NATO war crimes against Pakistan for the last 11 years which have killed or wounded over a 100,000 Pakistanis and have cost us a staggering loss of over $70 billion dollars at least!

The US and NATO cannot a wage a war upon us now, InshAllah. It is time to take the war to these crusaders without even firing a shot. Their back is broken. We only need to give them a decent burial!

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