Wednesday, 6 June 2012

June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012

Now see the filth, muck and stink that is Pakistani media!!! 

One of their own exposing them on the biggest scandal which would now bring humiliate many tycoons, media houses and traitor journalists as well the government and perhaps the house of CJ too.

We had filed a petition against SAFMA in the Supreme Court for treason. CJ had delayed its hearing. Now he will be forced to hear and scrutinize the role of treacherous media and the traitor journalists. The time for a most serious accountability has arrived. The trap set by government and journalists for CJ will also hang many media tycoons and journalists now. This one case is going to be dirty, nasty and sick!

June 7, 2012

Learn from history or be part of it!

Traitors have common strategy - only time and space changes in history!!

Around 1250 AD, the forces of Changez Khan was charging through the Muslim empire in Central Asia, Khurasan and Khawarzam. Baghdad was the center of Islamic khilafat and a strongly defended city. The traitors in Baghdad were powerfull men around the Capilh and convinced him to reduce the defense budget, reduce the army and stop weapons research and development. Half a million army was disbanded when the entire region was on fire and being decimated and the Muslims needed a strong army to stop the Mongol advance. The result ?? In 1258, Baghdad was sacked. 2 million Muslims were butchered in the greatest loss to humanity and Muslims in 1400 years. River tigris changed its colors twice -- first it became red then black, as the millions of books were thrown into by the wild hordes. The Caliph was rolled under a carpet and the entire Mongol army charged their horses over him, making minced meat of him!! This is the result of being defenseless when enemies advance to annihilate you. Traitors within our ranks are more dangerous than the advancing armies.

Today, when we are in a state of war, surrounded from all sides and under threat of occupation and dismemberment, the traitors within our ranks are demanding the cut in defense budget, reduce the army and stop our weapons and missile program. Know your enemies and learn from your history. Either learn from it and change its course or remain an idiot and be part of it. We have a choice today, tomorrow, our enemies will decide our fate!!

June 7, 2012

It is time for payback to the Hindu Banya

Do not ever forget for a moment that our real enemy is Hindu Banya who is butchering and slaughtering Muslims for the last 63 years!!! While we fight the NATO on the western theater, we have NOT forgotten that our real preparations are for Ghazwa e Hind, final showdown with Hindu Zionists!

We are keeping a closest watch on the crimes of Indian establishment and army in Indian occupied Kashmir and in elsewhere in India, the Hindu Occupied Greater Pakistan which we will reclaim in Ghazwa e Hind InshAllah, for the crimes committed by Hindu Banya against humanity and Muslims.

The Geo-politics of the region is clearly heading for a massive showdown. We are not war mongers. We are only preparing ourselves for a war which has been triggered by Indian Zionists when they occupy Kashmir, block our waters and advance into our lands to capture Siachen and when they support insurgencies and rebellions through Afghanistan. Indian has dismembered Pakistan. Pakistan has not dismembered India.

Now it is time for payback, big time. No dignified nation would take such shameless non-sense from a ghatia enemy!

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