Sunday, 24 June 2012

June 24, 2012

The great predictions of Saeed Nusri!!!

 Pakistan, Turkey and Egypt would rise the banner of Islam

In 1911, a great Turkish visionary and Dervish scholar BadiuzZaman Nursi had predicted that Islam will grow 3 power centers in the coming times! Remember, this prediction is made in 1911, when the entire Muslim world was collapsing and Usmani Khilafat was about to the destroyed and Muslim lands occupied and dismembered. Muslims of India were in total confusion and no one knew the power of Allama Iqbal and Quaid was not even recognized as a leader. In these times of pitched darkness, Syed Nursi predicted that Islam would rise again from 3 places -- Muslims of India (Pakistan), Turkey and Egypt!

After nearly 100 years, world is witnessing the truthfullness of this prediction. Pakistan is an Islamic nuclear power and InshAllah the base to unite the Ummah under United states of Islam. Turkey has emerged as the most energetic, vibrant, visionary Muslim nation, taking its rightfull place in the world. And now Egypt has selected a President from Islamic brotherhood, defeating the decades of persecution and crimes against the Muslim revivalist movement.

The three power centers of Islam -- Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt are now rising. Do not worry about the present chaos and crisis in Pakistan. This is temporary phase to clean the filth from our ranks. Great khair is coming alhamdolillah.

A new Geo-political, Geo-strategic and Geo-economic security paradigm is now emerging and Muslim powers are already exerting themselves to shape the future of the world. Pakistan's blockade of the NATO supplies has choked the entire western power footprint in the region and we are deciding their fate, alhamdlillah. We will in future also.

In these times of great tests and crisis, there are great opportunities also. Pakistan need great and visionary leadership in these times to grab the opportunities and emerge as the rightful leader of the Ummah and to create the great land bridge from Islamabad to Tehran to Istanbul to Damascus to Cairo to Tripoli. This is one Ummah, one destiny, one fate and InshAllah, will be under one flag also!!!

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