Thursday, 28 June 2012

June 29, 2012

India should be brought under Khilafat -- 

Mahatma Gandhi !!



Hindus should listen to the advice of their Mahatma Gandhi! InshAllah, this will happen after Ghazwa e Hind!

Hindus have not ruled India in a thousand years. The experience of Hindu Brahmin rule of the last 63 years has been horrendous for the caste Hindus, Shudars, Dalits, Muslims, Sikhs, Naxalites, Tamils, Nagas, Bodos and Assamese and as well as for the regional countries where wars, insurgencies, rebellions and Fasad has been orchestrated by the vicious Hindu Zionist mentality.

It is natural justice that Hindus be brought under the fold of Khilafate Rashida as advised by their own Hindu Mahatma! InshAllah, we will do it for them!

Sikh shouting Pakistan Zindabaad!


Today, the Indian paid traitors mock and make fun when we day that soon, InshAllah, India will be disintegrated! They call us war monger and extremist! These same slaves of Hindus made fun of Quaid, Baba Iqbal and Muslims when our forefathers demanded division of India and creation of Pak Sarzameen! But Allah humiliated them and Pakistan was created despite their arrogance and hatred. The mentality they show is typical of slaves when they live in slavery for too long, just as Bani Israel showed under the rule of Firoun. Ghairat leaves them first under slavery!

InshAllah, soon, you will see this rage of Sikhs turning into a massive wild fire to burn the Indian federation. Laugh as much as you want today. Tomorrow, you will burn in rage as your elders burnt when Pak Sarzameen was created. Sikhs and non-Muslims will be loved and protected in Pak sarzameen under Islamic law as done by our beloved Rasul Allah (sm) and proved in system of Khilafat e Rashida. Every non-Muslim would love to live under Khilafate Rashida nizam of justice and love.

We need to Pakistan today and we are doing that. But that does not mean that we neglect the threats from India and crusader Zionists. We need to smash their war doctrines as well. We are NOT attacking them. They are waging a war against us. We will only respond in self defense. And by Allah, we have already started to do that with ruthless forces. Ask NATO and US whose pampers are still blocked in Pakistan!!!

For now, join these Sikh and shout -- Pakisgtan Zindabaad!!!



Sikhs now decide to join Pak army to take revenge on India.



Patriotic Sikh knows that only Pakistan can help them liberate Khalistan and that is why Sikhs are now joining Pak army in force and are fully supporting Pak army against India. In case of India attack on Pakistan, the entire East Punjab and free Khalistan forces would rise against the Indian army, led by Pakistani Sikh officers, InshAllah! Let India launch the Cold start. We will Bar-b-Q them in plains of Punjab and Sindh InshAllah! The process has already begun alhamdolillah!


Khalistan -- the Indian nightmare about to turn into reality! 




We had warned India not to mess with us. When we see the beheaded bodies of our soldiers and death and destruction in our sacred land, then it is enough to awaken the sleeping lion. Now just watch when we respond. InshAllah, like the Astro-Hungarian empire, like Yugoslavia, India would also disintegrate and the implosion would begin from within! Hindu zionists will see it coming but wont be able to stop it, InshAllah!



Intense azaan to warn our nation of the threats building

 from the Eastern and Western theatres!

Today, we gave a intense azaan to warn our nation of the threats building from the Eastern and Western theatres! Hear this warning loud and clear and take precautions for we have we have very little time now. Those who have the destiny of this millat in their hands, must wake up and realize that a war is upon us now, we are in it already and now its intensity is going to increase even more.

InshAllah Khair. These azaan are not going waste. The nation is rising, armed forces are re-grouping even if the leaders remain treacherous!

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