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June 16, 2012

June 16, 2012

The snakes sof the system -- 
journalist and the lawyers -
 an idiots is soon a slave or dead !!!

Dear children, remember this. The only destiny for fools, idiots, casuals, stupids and arrogant is slavery and humiliation. The evil powers of today, manipulate the hearts and minds of the youth to enslave them to the system of tyranny and corruption. The media, judicial system and the education system is their weapons.

Bernard Lewis, a contemporary orientalist has categorically said that the modern western civilization and its domination of the world is based on two fundamental professions -- Lawyers and Journalists !!

Lawyers make the laws for system of Dajjal, control the judicial system and prevent the implementation of Sharia and Quranic justice.

The journalist serving the system is an intellectual subversive terrorist and pimp responsible for waging a war of lies, disinformation, propaganda and deceptions.

Today, this fact is blatantly exposed as we see the last phases of 4th generation war against Pak Sarzameen where the top lawyers and the journalists are demolishing the very foundations of Pak Sarzameen.

Revert back to Quran and Sunnah and learn from Iqbal. A Momin is not stupid, naive or idiot. He is too honest to deceive anyone but also too shrewed to be deceived by anyone. We are on this battle station to give you knowledge out of the fog of lies, disinformation and propaganda orchestrated by the journalists and lawyers. Spread and share this knowledge for it is to protect you from slavery of the Dajjal! It is your choice now. You want to live with dignity or live in shame and humiliation? We have made our choice -- a life of dignity, a death of honor!!!!

Rise and protect your honor, freedom and dignity. The snakes have arrived with full force!!!!

June 16, 2012

Zaid Hamid - True Defender of Pakistan in 
4th Generation Media Warfare

The traitor government is trying to open the NATO supplies taking advantage of the chaos and anarchy in the country! We will resist with all our force InshAllah!

For years, we have been warning the Americans and NATO crusaders and have been defending Pak Sarzameen in national and international media. Now the crusaders cannot say they did not know. Just as a reminder, our defense of Pak Sarzameen and our warnings to the enemies are being repeated here. Pakistan Zindabaad. Enemies can go to hell. Khair inshAllah !

June 16, 2012
Madar pidar azad media !

We had been warning you about the sinister and treacherous role of "Madar pidar azaad" media in Pakistan. Now the filth has hit the roof as the arrogant media houses rip each other apart in a "dog eat dog" battle and also bringing down the Chief Justice and the last remains of state.

The entire private media has proven that they do not deserve to be in Pakistan. Now we demand that this private, corrupt, treacherous and sinister media be shut down in Pakistan. Lets go back to good old only PTV days !!!

If the CJ jhad listened to our petition against treacherous media, he would not have been humiliated but today he is forced to take up the role of media in creating anarchy in Pak Sarzameen.

The entire media is involved in this war against Pak Sarzameen. You will note that all powerful media houses have joined hands to block our azaan and we are not allowed to defend Pakistan on any media. All these so called "patriotic" anchors who are very noisy today "exposing" the media corruption have also been the most venomous enemies of mission of BrassTacks and Takmeel e Pakistan and always try to humiliate the sacred duty our team is doing. You never hear them talking about system of Khilafat e Rashida or AfPak threats, Cold start or 4th GW. They will never tell you that this democracy has been imposed to break Pakistan on the lines of Iraq or Yugoslavia. They will never talk about Iqbal or Islamic clauses of the Constitution. They will never speak against Riba and Banking system -- and these are ones whom you consider patriotic!!!! Imagine what the traitors do???

They are all the same -- part of the Dajjal system where media is the most powerful weapon for lies, disinformation and propaganda. In these times of war, these anchors, media houses and their owners have declared their own war against Pak Sarzameen and are spreading more chaos, confusion and hatred within the nation. They fight amongst each other only for more turf, power and control of the society -- not for Pak sarzameen.

We had warning the media of most severe accountability. Now the time has come. The private media will have no place in Pakistan now!! They have been measured and found to be idiots or traitors!!! Now the nation will do your accountability and do with you what must be done with traitors!!! CJ this is your last chance to nail them or they will nail you for good!

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