Saturday, 2 June 2012

June 2, 2012

June 2, 2012
Now you will see the revenge of Pakistan. 
They are trapped like rats, will die like vermin,
 will be buried like plagues!

NATO initiated an illegal war, invaded a Muslim country, decimated its society, people and culture, killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people fighting to keep their freedom, occupied a land which did not belong to them and declared war against Pakistan!

But now, they are defeated, humbled by the rag tag militia of common farmers, peasants and shopkeepers. But the bigger crisis is now How to get out of the graveyard????? They are trapped like rats, will die like vermin, will be buried like plagues! They have come in but now cannot get out!!!! Now you will see the revenge of Pakistan. We had warned you earlier. We will do with you what we did to the Soviets. Now watch what we do to you, InshAllah!!

June 2, 2012

This is the reality of Aman Ki Asha!!!

MQM, ANP, Zardari gang and the like if SAFMA are advocating a cut in Pakistan's defense budget. In times of war, when we are surrounded by enemies within and outside, these fifth column snakes are preparing the ground for enemies to roll into Pak Sarzameen. Just look at the following statistics which the media will never tell you;

Reality of defense budget
Comparison of Pak and India's Defense Budget

Pakistan Budget 2012 Total Volume = Rs 2960 Billion
Defence Budget 2012 Total = Rs 545 Billion
Now 545/2960 * 100 = 18.4% of Total Budget.

Defense Budget is for Army,Navy ,Air Force.
These figures prove that Pak Army gets only 9% of Total Budget and NOT 60% as wrongly propagated.

Complete Army gets Pay & Allowances,Ration & Ordinances after Deduction of Taxes.Army is paying Tax even on purchases.Some circles are confusing the common minds.There is NOTHING left for Defence Purchases.

Now see Indian Defense Budget

World witnessed an abnormal 17% jump in Indian Defense Budget in March 2012 raising it to 38.6 Billion US Dollars.Pakistan is ranked 35th in the World in Military spending with budget of 5.4 Billion US Dollars.

It is important to note that Pakistan Defense Budget is progressively decreasing for last 10 years as opposed to India's Rise in the same field.

This is the reality of Aman Ki Asha!!! India is preparing for a massive war but InshAllah, that would be the beginning of the final battles of Ghazwa e Hind. we may take losses in the beginning but the end is per-destined -- Radio Pakistan Delhi !!!!! InshAllah!! By Allah, it will be....

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