Tuesday, 26 June 2012

June 27, 2012

 We will take revenge from NATO

NATO and US must hear this loud and clear -- Pakistani nation hold you responsible for this monstrous atrocity! This is another "Salala" for us and we will extract a severe revenge from you and your Hindu and Kharjee swines and snakes! Now we are furious and you will soon feel our response and we can assure you, it will bite so hard that you will cry out in pain! We will NOT forget Salala and we will NOT forgive this atrocity!

Do not betray Rasul Allah (sm)!

You made a promise, our elders sacrificed millions, our sisters gave away their honor, our forefathers abandoned the land they ruled and tilled for thousand years -- all for this sacred land, its serene ideology, its Sabz Hilali Parcham which draws its barakah and color from Gumbad e Khizra!

Today, this Pak Sarzameen is in pain, being destroyed, being occupied, being attacked! Make your stand and fulfill your promise! Your time has come..... 

The forces of Ghazwa e Hind would link up with forces

 marching towards Jerusalem, InshAllah!

Like our Egyptian, Turkish and Iranian brothers, our destination and march would also be towards 3 cities -- Srinagar, Delhi and Jerusalem, InshAllah! We have marked the distances and our guns are ready. The forces of Ghazwa e Hind would link up with forces marching towards Jerusalem, InshAllah!

This is the written destiny which would unfold now in days to come. Be part of this romantic destiny. Let the enemies and munafiqeen make fun and laugh about our destiny. Soon, they will find out and then they will cry more and laugh less InshAllah!

Our Capital will be Jerusalem!!

This is the nightmare for Israel ! A new Dawn is rising in Egypt, InshAllah! The Muslim brotherhood now holds the most powerful office of the President. Just watch this. After 70 years of persecution, murders, assassinations and tortures, the Akwan have risen from the ashes! InshAllah, this will bring great khair for the Ummah and Muslims of Palestine!

The triangle of Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan is now formed!!! Neel key sahil sey ley kar Ta ba khak e Kashgar!!!! Iqbal's dua is coming alive! Allahu Akbar!

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