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June 19, 2012

Our powerful azaan alhamdolillah on Takbeer TV UK

The present regime is a curse. 

This cancer must be removed

This is our powerful azaan alhamdolillah on Takbeer TV UK on the accountability of Media, future of Zardari regime, role of Chief Justice and the future course of battle to recover Pak Sarzameen from these present crisis.

The time has come that a most severe accountability of media is done by the Judiciary and the nation. The present regime is a curse. This cancer must be removed - If SC will not do it, then chaos and anarchy would draw in the army. This corrupt regime cannot establish the caretaker government. army and SC must get directly involved!

Our powerful interview published in  Kashmiri newspaper

 Mirpur times. we have not forgotten our Pakistanis

 in Indian occupied Kashmir

Alhamdolillah, our powerful interview published in Kashmiri newspaper Mirpur times. While we fight the battles globally and within the country for defense of Pak Sarzameen, we have not forgotten our Pakistanis in Indian occupied Kashmir. We are every crime of Indian Zionists in Kashmir and in India. Let us make it very clear - We will take revenge!!!

It is time you hear the petition against SAFMA

 to decide the limits and rules of media accountability.

Dear Chief Justice, let us tell you their strategy now. Now the government is going to hit you where it would hurt you most -- on your son! The case against him will now be initiated as the SC has handed over the controls of that sensitive case into the hands of the regime. This would be their revenge against you and then a reference against you is being planned in the Supreme Judicial council!

It is now a race against time. Either you enforce your decisions and eliminate them or they will humiliate you in any way they can. Both parties are vulnerable and the casual one will be destroyed. They will use media to re-launch an attack on you on the case of your son. It is time you hear the petition against SAFMA to decide the limits and rules of media accountability.

It is a sincere advice. Take it.

Dear Chief Justice,

Good shot! But do not be casual now.

Call Pak army if you need to. They are on our side.


Good shot! But do not be casual now. They are going to hit back with full force now. You need to deliver the coup de grace! The Memo treason has also been proven by your own Commission and now you must convict the traitors on that treachery also. Memo treason is too critical to be ignored. The implementation of NRO and Swiss case verdicts need to be enforced also. Carry the mission home. Job is not done yet.

It is time that you take up our petition against SAFMA and traitor media and decide about their sinister and hostile role against Pak Sarzameen. Those traitors need to be brought to justice.

What is happening is that a controlled demolition of state, its ideology and its institution is being carried out under this 4th generation war. The anarchy we see on the streets is also carefully orchestrated to achieve the required levels of chaos and state failure to bring mobs on the streets to ignite that urban war which would destroy the state from within and drag the army on to the streets against urban terrorists and internal anarchists. Media is an integral part of this war and now you know it too well.

This government has lost the moral, legal and constitutional authority to rule over Pak sarzameen. They are part of this war against Pakistan to make us into "Somalia" and then "Iraq" and then "Yugoslavia"! The situation is too critical. We need patriotic caretakers now else wild mobs would decide the fate of this millat. Be strong and decide with firmness. Call Pak army if you need to. They are on our side.



 InshAllah today on Takbeer TV UK,

watch Zaid Hamid sahib

InshAllah today on Takbeer TV UK, at 4.30PM TO 6PM UK Time ( 9:30 onwards Pak time), watch Zaid Hamid sahib speaking to Pakistani in UK and Europe on present security and political scenario and role of media in the present crisis. It time to go for some serious accountability and expose! Khair inshAllah.


 My dear Chief Justice .......

My dear Chief Justice Chaudrey sahib, let us give you a serious sincere advice. Either implement and enforce your decisions against this filthy corrupt regime or resign honorably and make an exit while you still can with dignity. Else, the regime has drawn the daggers and are now planning to humiliate you as if there is no tomorrow. You cannot co-exist with these scumbags now.

They are weaving a web of lies, deceptions, propaganda, conspiracy and subversion around you and the entire sinister conspiracy of the regime has also been exposed on multiple counts.

There is absolutely no doubt that the regime and its topmost members are involved in the latest media gate scandal. There is absolutely no doubt that your son has blundered big time and is now a source of humiliation for you and the event is now being exploited against you to the full.

There is absolutely no doubt now that memo is a reality and Hussain Haqqani has been found to be guilty by your own commission.

There is no doubt now that PM is a convict but still continues to remain the PM and weave a web of lies and deceptions against you.

There is absolutely no doubt now that the media and the government deliberately hyped the missing persons case so that relations between the Supreme court and army are deteriorated to such levels that army cannot be called in support of a surrounded Supreme court. Your own commission led by Justice Javed Iqbal has exposed this drama as well.

There is also no doubt that you have taken up too many cases against the government which are fatal for the regime but you have not enforced anyone of them decisively, letting the government plan a counter attack and humiliate you and the SC.

There is a cardinal rule of hunting wild animals. When you are hunting big game, you always go for the kill and never leave the animal wounded as a wounded animal is most lethal and uncontrollable. You have made this fatal mistake many times. Wounding the regime but never delivering the coup de grace,  and now you see them stabbing you in your back! Well, what can we say? you brought it upon yourself.

You still have time to redeem your dignity and honor. Enforce your decisions on convicted PM, Memo treason and NRO Swiss case scandals. In this war, army is on your side. Do not humiliate the army on missing persons propaganda launched by paid media in orchestrated lies. Constitution allows you to call army to your help if the government is rebellious to the law.

If you can do this, you can still ride this crisis and come our more tall and dignified. Else, resign and go home with dignity. Else, be prepared. The muck you have seen flying your way is just a starter. The regime and its foreign backers are after your scalp. They are wounded, venomous and masters of deceptions.

We must acknowledge that you have put up a good fight. Now either deliver a knockout punch or throw the towel. Getting knocked out yourself is not a pleasant option.

May Allah bless Pakistan and patriots and humiliate the traitors and munafiqeen.

Pakistan Zindaabaad.

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