Sunday, 10 June 2012

June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012

 Rise, move forward and take the flag.
 This is the greatest respect you can pay to you sister.

Maheen joined our mission so passionately after she watched this program way back in 2008 to defend the honor of our beloved Quaid against the attacks of secularists and fasadi congresi Mullahs. Later when this video was posted on our new blog, she commented under it as well. Her comments are still there.

She armed her fierce passion with knowledge and applied it with wisdom to become a role model for our entire team and thousands of Pakistani youth spread all over the world. The comments on this page about her are a glowing tribute to this wonderful daughter of this millat. As Iqbal said about Fatima Bint Abdullah "she was the honor of this bereaved nation, every fiber of her mortal being is so innocent"

Now it is your duty to chose the path of passion for which she lived and died. Watch our programs, read our policy papers, improve your English and Urdu, increase your knowledge, arm yourself with wisdom and take your battle stations on the cyber world and in the physical one to carry on the mission. We have got a long way to go on this dangerous and difficult path of Takmeel e Pakistan. One soldier has fallen in battle. Rise, move forward and take the flag. This is the greatest respect you can pay to you sister.

June 10, 2012

Today, Pakistan need you to take a stand for its
 dignity, ideology and security.Be part of it. 
There is enough glory for all.

Today, Pakistan need you to take a stand for its dignity, ideology and security. if you feel that you have this fire in you to be part of this amazing team which is changing the destiny and fate of this millat, then come and join us. Be part of our volunteer team to join your brothers and sisters who are spreading the message, sharing the passion and deploying their skills to defend Pakistan right from their homes and offices, through the cyber world.

You are also most welcome to come and visit us in our office in Rawalpindi and even have a personal meeting with me. Just call Imaad Khalid at 0321 -- 5001370 for setting up time. There are no formalities or hiccups involved.

We started this mission alone and today thousands of patriotic Pakistanis have volunteered to reclaim our honor, faith and dignity. Alhamdolillah, we are making a difference.

Be part of it. There is enough glory for all.

Barak Allah feekum. Zaid Hamid

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