Thursday, 8 March 2012

March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012
 Listen to this Soviet agent. He says, only way to stop this 
entire subversion is to hold on to you religion!!!!! 

The confessions of this former KGB subversion expert must shake many hearts and souls in former East Pakistan also. Their "revolution" and "freedom" against Pakistan was actually a conspiracy plotted by the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) to divide the millat. The entire campaign was orchestrated by KGB and RAW through propaganda, psy-ops and lies to fool the population into believing that Pakistan is the enemy and India is a friend!

Listen to this Soviet agent. He says, only way to stop this entire subversion is to hold on to you religion!!!!! That is why you see why SAFMA snakes want us to become Secular or Hindus! That is why media is spreading so much filth against Sharia and Islam because as long as we remain closer to our faith, no disinformation, subversion and lies can break the Ummah!

But we are now at a stage when the country is close to civil war and is threatened by an invasion from both East and West. Time for tauba is almost finished.

Yuri also says that once the chaos and anarchy is complete, the first people to be eliminated by the enemies are the own allies, the traitors, because they know too much! Those who are selling the honor of Rasul Allah (sm) today, should listen to what Yuri says. Treason with Pakistan will not benefit them either in Dunya nor in Akhira! Did it benefit Mujeeb ur Rehman? But they are blind today, intoxicated in arrogance. So, Allah will open their eyes soon! But then it will be too late!

March 8, 2012

The entire RAW KGB plan to create Bangladesh exposed!
 It was not a popular revolution

This is explosive! This former KGB agent who orchestraed break up of East Pakistan and created Mukti Bahini gangs spills the beans here. East Pakistan was not a popular Bengali uprising but an orchestrated terrorist subversive plan by RAW an...d KGB! ( we know this from agartala sazish also).

Also, he says that the traitors who sided with the KGB and RAW were to be killed in the end once their usefulness was over! Pakistan army did NOT lose to a popular uprising. Pakistan was dismembered due to a massive conspiricy by India, Russia and US where terrorist gangs used for subversion were used to stage a rebellion. Now you know why Mujeeb was killed by his own army 4 years later. All those "usefull idiots" who are working for SAFMA and RAW today should know that their Indian handlers will kill them once the job is done or when their cover is blown! This is how RAW works! listent to this KGB man! Learn from the fate of Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadeq and MUjeeb ir Rehman and do tauba and do not betray this Pak Sarzameen!

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