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March 4, 2012

March 4, 2012
 Be ready and when you see the Haq, dont be
 on the wrong side of history!
Today, this Ummat again need tigers of Rasul Allah (sm) like Sultan Nuruddin Zangi. He was under the direct command of Sayyadi Rasul (sm) to defend the honor of of our Sayyadi. Wacth these 8 minutes and we promise you will have goosebumps! Allahu Akbar! Even today, if we do tauba and vow to protect the honor of our Sayyadi (sm) and Ummat e Rasul (sm), such tigers can rise from within us. Never lose hope nor faith. The time is near that Allah will send us sons like Zangi and Ayyubi InshAllah! Be ready and when you see the Haq, dont be on the wrong side of history!

March 4, 2012

This is the most provocative and thought provoking policy analysis
 you will ever read in recent history. 

This is NOT for children or the petty minded. This is the ugliest face of the modern "democracies" and their blood thirsty desire for global dominance. Written in 1996 by a German think tank and reproduced with maps, photos and foreword by BrassTacks, this is the stuf only horror movies are made of.

This is their plan for the region and Pak Sarzameen. Allah has His own plans but we as a nation have betrayed Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) and now a severe test of fire and sword is upon us. This paper will explain you everything whicch we have been saying for the last many years but our advice fell on deaf ears of the rulers. We have seen this paper just 4 days ago and thought it would be our duty to spread it globally, while we build the defences at home against the wars which are now upon us.

The petty, corrupt and the petty minded continue to squabble over selfish vested iterests while the arrogant powers plan the destruction of the entire Middle East and Eurasian region. Read this carefully and then share it. Do not panic. Khair inshAllah. Do what we say and InshAllah, we shall build and defend this millat together.

 March 4, 2012
When rulers commit treason, it is the compulsion of patriotism 
to rebel against them!

Consider the challenge at hand to retain the freedom and sovereignty under this global war by Neo-Cons and then measure the insanity and ineffectiveness of the responses built so far. See the larger geopolitical picture of the 21st century and note the blindness of the crippled pygmies who pass as our rulers.

The crisis of existential threat and balkanization which Pakistan faces today is not unique to Pakistan. The entire Middle East to the Eurasian region is being torn apart under a new doctrine to maintain the hegemony of the British-American power in the world. From War on Terror to Arab Spring to Af-Pak to 4GW to Cold start to Azaad Baluchistan, the wars have many names but the agenda is singular – Creation of failed headless balkanized small nation states which must remain in constant state of war.

There is absolutely no doubt now that a massive civil unrest will engulf the country soon, Allah forbid, dragging the army into an urban war unless we do what must be done. All our security assessments, threat analysis and study of Geo-political developments convince us that with present deployed failed response strategy, the critical threshold of instability has been crossed.

The ongoing economic collapse and recent audacious corruption in the Senate elections has made it clear even to the blind that if the general elections take place in the coming months, the country would be engulfed in a civil war on provincial, ethnic and insurgency axis. The collapse of the state organs is now total. With the present deployed failed response strategy it is not the question of “if” but “when” would the end phase of the deployed 4GW would begin!

Coming days would bring harsh times. Stay firm and do not fear nor panic. Stand close to Pak army and support our brothers in defending this Pak Sarzameen. InshAllah Khair will come but we must remain loyal to Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen.

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