Friday, 2 March 2012

March 3, 2012

March 3, 2012

March 3, 2012

Missing persons reality

This is our azaan today to expose the sick and sinister propaganda of SAFMA associated snakes against Pakistan and Pak army and ISI. This is not the full program but in the program, a person who is sitting in the missing person's camp in Islamabad says that his son went to Kabul in a flight and was lost in Kabul!!! Now even the disappearences of this boy is being blamed in ISI by the media!! This is how they lie and spread disinformaiton. Fight this battle on the airwaves and in the cyber world. spread the message of unty with the Pak armed forces and ISI. Defeat Imtiaz Alam and Marvi sermed like snakes. Defeat Indian media war against Pakistan. The battles in media and court are as critical as in the physical batte field. Rise and charge!!!

 March 3, 2012

 You may decide to remain neutral but then know that now Allah will treat 
 neutrals as hostiles in this battle between Haq and Batil!

Our only hope is Allah (swt) and then the Pak army as the instrument of His divine will to protect this land. Never ever go against Pak army and ISI in these times, even if they make mistakes. These are times of war, chaos, lawlessnes and treason and the army has to fight most difficult battle within the country. DO NOT be foolish to destroy your own army else be ready to have the Indian army at your gates just as these Palestinian Muslims have Jews!

Watch this heartbreaking video and then say Shukar that you have a beautiful home, our beloved Medina e Sani Pakistan. If we allow the present corrupt rulers and the snakes like Imtiaz Alam, Najam Sethi, Marvi Sermed and Nusrat Javed of SAFMA and the TTP, BLA, and the treacherous political parties to do what they want to do, then Allah forbid, this is what these traitors plan for us also. Hindus and American Zionists will treat our sisters and children like this. Then the doors of tauba would be closed. Look at Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now syria....... They are already in Pakistan...

Our nation still has time for tauba. Wake up and claim your destiny or else be ready to be humiliated and occupied. These senate elections have seen the worst animal trading where car full of notes have been distributed to buy the politicians. ISI has NOT done it. All parties are involved. Even Indians and CIA pooled in with the money to get their men in the senate. This is the Demon-cracy parties want and we REJECT!

Join us in the war against SAFMA to expose the Informaiton warfare arm of RAW. You may decide to remain neutral but then know that now Allah will treat neutrals as hostiles in this battle between Haq and Batil! Rise and be counted as soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm).

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