Wednesday, 7 March 2012

March 7, 2012

 March 7, 2012

 Under this most ruthless war of mind control and ideological subversion,
 the entire Pak media is now a weapon against us

Dear children of this millat, Under this most ruthless war of mind control and ideological subversion, the entire Pak media is now a weapon against us. It is one hour. Listen to it carefully and dont comment without absorbing it.

This is how the enemies use media, education and social networking to achieve subversion and destruction of a target country. This is exactly what our enemies are doing to us through schools, media, net and dramas. The aman ki asha, open borders with India, open trade and liberal visas and visits of children to India! Today, a physical war is upon us too but before that they need to create a nation of sheeps and animals so that they dont even complain when being slaughterd. This is how they do it! Watch and prepare yourself to fight this aspect as well. THis is what SAFMA does!

 March 7, 2012 

Ptv Drama "Aakhri Chattan" promo
آخری چٹان

 March 7, 2012

Allah is in Jalal !

About 900 years ago, Muslim world's capital Baghdad was threatened from two axis. Western Crusaders were advancing from Europe, while Mongol armies of Changez Khan were charging in from East. Khwarzam Shah in Afghanistan and Khurasan was desperately trying to stop the advance of Mongols but the traitors within Baghdad court influenced the Caliph to adopt a policy of apeasement - aman ki Asha - and betrayed the forces of Khwarzam Shah !

Within Baghdad, a 4th generation war had ignited sectarian violence, and psyops were launched to present Mongols as friends and Muslim army as burden on treasury and disarmament campaign in the name of budget cuts. The result was that when Halaku came to Baghdad after over running Afghanistan, he butchered each and every citizen of Baghdad! Nearly a million slaughered including the Caliph, Generals, Ulama, Ministers, and citizens!

Today , Pakistan is in an identical situation. AfPak, Cold Start, & 4th GW has surrounded us. Afghans are desperate for help while within Pakistan, a complete state failure is being created through traitors & media. Allah is in Jalal !

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