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March 21, 2012

  March 21, 2012

 This voice will give shivers down your spine!!! 
Listen to the Jalal and Jamal  of our beloved Quaid. 
 Share this video to humiliate the enemies of Pak sarzameen.

 This voice will give shivers down your spine!!! Listen to the Jalal and Jamal of our beloved Quaid himself explaining the two nation theory and the purpose of creation of Pakistan. Spread this voice to every corner of the world and let the world hear the azaan of a dervesh of Rasul Allah (sm) who was given the duty of creating Pakistan.

Now if anyone says to you that Quaid was a secular man and wanted a secular Pakistan, you can slap them with confidence. In Pakistan, there will not be any other ism (secularism, communism, capitalism etc ) But Islam. Listen to the Quaid and strengthen your faith and belief in this Pak Sarzameen.

Share this video to humiliate the enemies of Pak sarzameen.

March 21, 2012

                After reading these visionary lines, only the blind, deaf and dumb can say
                that our beloved Baba Iqbal was not the architect of the idea of Pakistan.

 He spoke these words in Allahbad address in 1930. Consolidated NorthWest Muslim state clearly means one country (Pakistan today) which is the final destiny of North West India. The Muslims of Bengal were not part of this spiritual plan and their final destiny was still not written and as history proved, they separated in 1971. The line “within the British empire” was only to calm the nervous British nerves but the next phrase “or without the British empire” was the final destiny! What more clarity one needs to know the truth, MashAllah! After the 1940 resolution, Quaid azam came straight to the Muqam of Baba Iqbal and said " I have done what Iqbal had wished". March 23rd is aproaching. Revive and Guard your identity and ideology!

"I would like to see the Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Sindh and Balochistan amalgamated into a single state. Self Government within the British Empire or without the British Empire, the formation of a consolidated North-West Indian Muslim state appears to me to be the final destiny of the Muslim, at least of North West India"
Iqbal, Allahbaad, 1930.

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