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March 12, 2012

 March 12, 2012

 No power on earth can defeat a Mard e Azaad with
 Faqr e Ghayyur and a revived Khudi! 

No power on earth can defeat a Mard e Azaad with Faqr e Ghayyur and a revived Khudi! If men want to remain free with dignity, no power on earth can make them slaves! Men who are born free are destined to die in this world and then live on in the next! Pakistan will soon need its sons to be like this. Right now, you are NOT prepared.

Revive your love for Rasul Allah (sm), read and BECOME Shaheen of Iqbal, follow your salat and Zikr, Read Quran and Muslim history, earn Halal Rizq, do sadaqa, take care of your health and physical fitness and spread this mission with all your force and will. InshAllah, Allah will protect Pak Sarzameen but now, once again, we will have to give greatest of sacrifices. prepare for it! Time is very close now for those who take advice! Those who do not take naseeha, will also know soon!
 March 12, 2012

For those sincere children, who want to know our strategy
 and what should we do now, listen to this video

Children, as we said, we will speak the truth even if it seems harsh or risk us our life.

SAFMA are snakes. Beware of them. They have sold the honor of this millat already and plan to enslave you to Hindus.

Musharraf was NOT a traitor but a usefull idiot for the Kuffar who used him and his top advisors to destroy Pakistan.

Imran is NOT a traitor but very naive in politics and his advisors are snakes and known tested traitors who have severely harmed Pakistan when they had the chance and the path of democracy in these times of war is suicide and would certainly repeat the war of 1971.

Those who say give IK a chance in next elections are either the most innocemt or the most stupid or the most treacheorus people who would be pushing Pakistan towards a war which would end like East Pakistan slaughter, Allah forbid. If you do not like what we say, then wait. No need to argue.

For those sincere children, who want to know our strategy and what should we do now, listen to this video. You will get your answers, InshAllah. These are times of fitnah, crisis and wars. Prepare yourself before it is too late. Jazak Allah.

March 12, 2012

 If you want democracy and elections then know that Allah does not guide
 those who are deaf, dumb and blind.

Dear Children, we have removed this video as few of you did not understand nor wished to learn the wisdom about traitors and their roles. We had made it clear that people can have their choices on the definition of a snake but the message was undoubted.

Let us remind those who do not trust us. We do our duty for the sake of Rasul Allah (sm), for this Pak Sarzameen. NOT for increasing our fans or likes on our page. We do this duty despite gravest threats to our life, family, honor and property but we accept this threat willingly and with dignity. Even if all the world leave this page and abandon our misison, we will do our duty alone. Our record has proven that we fear Allah alone and will speak the truth even in the eyes of death.

We are NOT a political party to work to please our workers. We are a spiritual, ideological, romantic, political mission for the sake of this Medina e Sani and the Ummah to guide this nation out of darkness in these times of system of Dajjal. If you do not accept the misison and the spiritual sublime message, then please leave this page. We are not open to debate on fundamental principles of faith and ideology. We do NOT run a western democracy here.

SAFMA are snakes. Political parties have destroyed this nation and continue to do. democracy is a curse. Anyone standing for democracy in this filthy, corrupt system will find us against them. There are traitors and then there are people who follow a path of destruction by blindly following what the Kufr teaches.

This nation is on the verge of a total war and an internal collapse and its leaders, media, youth and scholars are behaving as the people of Baghdad behaved just before Allah decided to deimate them. Once again, we say to you. If you want to follow Kufr and you are on this page just for fun, then leave this page. We will NOT change our stand even if the whole world is against us. May Allah protect Pakistan and save it from traitors and usefull idiots.

We have warned you zillion times that enemies are planning a Libya, Iraq and Syria styled war upon this Pak Sarzameen and still if you want democracy and elections then know that Allah does not guide those who are deaf, dumb and blind. Do not complain then when Allah's wrath falls upon you. The time for tauba is now. Tomorrow, it would be judgement day. Jazak Allah. Zaid Hamid

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