Saturday, 31 March 2012

31 March, 2012

31 March, 2012

They were a team of tigers of Rasul Allah (sm).

Quaid also called baba Iqbal his spiritual guide and paid a respectful visit to his Muqam immediately after the 1940 Pakistan resolution and said "we have done exactly what Allama Iqbal had asked us to do"! One was the visionary, thinker, philosopher, Murshid and mentor. Other was the "in-corruptible" and "un-purchaseable" charismatic leader of the Ummah! They were a team of tigers of Rasul Allah (sm). Those who want to prove that these two Aulia Allah wanted to create a secular, westernized state and nation and Pakistan should abandon Islamic sharia and Quranic laws would be prosecuted for ideological treason, subversion and betrayal of the millat, InshAllah!

31 March, 2012

Now what would SAFMA snakes say when EU makes it a
 crime to speak against a historical event?

The so called most liberal, secular, modern western states which are seen as models for democracy and freedom of speech also have laws to block freedom of speech where it hurts their political interests or sentiments. Now what would SAFMA snakes say when EU makes it a crime to speak against a historical event?

Similarly, in Pakistan, there are laws which protect our Islamic ideology and Islamic character of the state, founding fathers and their ideology. You cannot speak against it.

When you become an enemy agent and starts to subvert the national religious and ideological foundations on behalf of the enemies, then this is not an ordinary crime but high treason! There is no such thing as absolute freedom of expression or speech. Not even in EU!! It wont be in Pak Sarzameen also.

31 March, 2012

In these times of war, when journalism become subversion
 on behalf of hostile powers, then it is called High Treason!  

In Karachi, the urban war we had always warned about has now begun. Mutahida has one again become Muhajir Qaumi movement and have asked all "Muhajirs" to unite to fight the Pashtuns! ANP and MQM are both separatist, terrorists and violent gangs who are following the Indian agenda of implementing the 4th generation war to create anarchy in Pak sarzameen. Now they will demand army to come to Karachi so that a proper decentralized urban war can be waged against army.

In these times of war, when journalism become subversion on behalf of hostile powers, then it is called High Treason! Information war and ideological subversion are integral part of the 4th generation war being waged against Pakistan. The terrorists on ground get support from the subversive elements within the media and they all create crisis for the armed forces, ISI and the nation instead of supporting them against the insurgents and terrorists.

The country is slipping into total anarchy. From TTP terrorism in north west to power riots in Punjab to urban war in Karachi to BLA insurgency in Baluchistan, we do not see the government anywhere. We strongly demand the Chief Justice and the army Chief to intervene aggressively to salvage the state and the nation and to stop this anarchy. We do not have the luxury of time. By blocking NATO supplies, we have seriously damaged the enemy plans of attacking Pakistan from the West under Af-Pak doctrine. By filing the petition against hostile media, we the patriots have attacked the subversive media terrorists. But the nation needs a total and complete response from those whom Allah has blessed power today. May Allah give protect this Pak sarzameen. These are difficult time but do not panic nor lose hope. These are temporary crisis. InshAllah, the traitors will be humiliated but this nation will now have to pay a heavy price for its freedom as its leaders have sold its honor to the enemies. Khair inshAllah

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