Saturday, 31 March 2012

30 March, 2012

30 March, 2012

-- Allahu Akbar, Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind!

If anyone wants to the strength, truth-fullness and soul of Two Nations fact, he should go the Wagah border before Sundown! Your blood with rush with excitement, your eyes will flow tears and your heart will scream -- Allahu Akbar, Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind!

Entire Pakistani nation is always present at this moment of honor and glory! We were there too on this March 23rd! This is what ignited us too!!

30 March, 2012


We love you our soldiers -- you are the honor of this Ummat e Marhoom and Medina e Sani! By Allah, we will never let your sacrifices go waste! Never....

30 March, 2012

                  After our treason petition against SAFMA snakes, the Media is 
                                        waking up from its slumber too.

We had anticipated this as lines would be drawn and journalists would scramble to prove themselves on the right side of history -- perhaps even to avoid being named alongside SAFMA. Here you see top journalists now openly acknowledging that a media war is being waged against Pak Sarzameen by "some" journalists. They are still not taking names but soon they will InshAllah, when they will be called to court to explain their words. The battle has now begun high time and we will see more of such programs in the coming days InshAllah!

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