Tuesday, 20 March 2012

March 20, 2012

March 20, 2012

 Parliment is going to auction our honor and dignity once again.

Parliment is going to auction our honor and dignity once again. The sold out politicians are trembling to speak agains the US. We gave our azaan today on ARY. If the leaders listen to this azaan, there will be khair for the millat, else a severe azaab of Allah (swt) is waiting on the wings!

 March 20, 2012

The battle has begun. It will now reach its conclusion inshAllah.

Alhamdolillah, SAFMA has done a great strategic blunder by registering cases against us all over the country. These snakes were working stealthily to demolish the ideological and geographic frontiers of Pakistan and nobody knew about them. But now the whole country knows their filthy face and watching our epic battle with them.

MashAllah, hundreds of patriots have come forward and have given us informaiton, intelegence and proof against Najam sethi, Marvi sermed, Imtiaz alam, Nusrat Javed, Hasan Nisar, Hamid Mir and Ali Chishti. We are preparing a massive responce to these snakes alhamdolillah and each one of them will also be dragged to the the court to face our cross examination and exposed InshAllah! Nation will see their filthy face comprehensivly InshAllah!

We have a hearing in Lahore on 21st. Another hearing in Peshawar on 24th. Another hearing in Quetta on 27th. We will NOT go to court on these dates and our lawyers will appear on our behalf as these are just prelimenary hearings and no formal arguments would begin. InshAllah, from next dates we shall file our reply and then the real battle begins, InshAllah! By Allah, we will drag them to hell and SAFMA snakes will curse the day they were born.

Though the SAFMA controlled media is trying to keep this case in low profile but everyone in media, government and even in army is watching this battle with great interest. This is going to be one of the most decisive cases in Pakistan history where a red line would be drawn between honest Journalism and Subversion in the guise of journalism. The battle has begun. It will now reach its conclusion inshAllah.

March 20, 2012

So, who is war monger? these are the elite of Delhi

These are Delhi's best and brightest students from their finest schools educated in their ideology, identity and patriotism! NOW see their hatred for Pakistan! While they teach "aman ki asha" to our children and teach us Dance, music and party and "spirituality" through that RAW snake Ravi shankar , they prepare their own children to hate and attacks Pakistan and Muslims ruthlessly. Imtiaz Alam, Marvi sermed and Najam sethi like snakes will never tell you that every Indian is programmed from childhood to hate and destroy Pakistan! We are NOT spreading hatred. We are showing you the real filthy face of Hindu Banya!!

That is why they do NOT give admissions to Muslims in their finest schools. With over 15% population, only 0.5 % Muslims got admisison in Delhi's schools!!! Now do you believe why our elders made Pakistan and why we must NOT forget that Hindu Banya has tongue of a snake and poision of a scorpion!

March 20, 2012

Do NOT betray this land. Never trust the HIndu Banya! Never!

The Congressi Takfiri Mullahs in India say that Muslims live in comfort in India!! Hindu Banya says they treat Muslims equally in secular demon-cracy. Watch this horrific reality.

If we lived with Hindus in India under their control, this would be our fate as well. Our brothers and sisters in India live worse life than untouchables Dalits and shudars! Say Shukar a million times that Allah blessed you with Pakistan. Do NOT betray this land. Never trust the HIndu Banya! Never!

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