Friday, 16 March 2012

March 16, 2012

March 16, 2012

Two Nation theory means Muslims are a separate nation
 from Hindus in every aspect of their lives! 

Has this fact changed? NO. Then how can two nation theory be dead? Have we become Hindus or have Hindus become Muslims? have we started to burn our dead or have Hindus started to bury them? have the Hindus started to eat Cows? have the Hindus started to worship Allah? Guard your ideology and identity. This is where enemy is making most severe attacks!

March 16, 2012

 The time has come live and die by the sword!

The most deadly poison being injected into the body of Pak Sarzameen is through the besharam media and awara nizam e taleem! The modern secular immoral beyadab nizam e Taleem is producing a generation which is disgrace to the ummah and and poses no threat to the Kuffar!

We are the children of the greatest men ever born, carrying the flag of courage, dignity and honor! Now they desire to turn our men into women and women into a plaything!

Beware and resist to protect your honor and dignity or be ready to perish as a civilization! The time has come live and die by the sword!

March 16, 2012
This is the most PRACTICAL duty of the time -- 
defend, protect and revive your ideology and identity!

Do NOT be impatient. Sabr, Tarbiat, Character, Knowledge and Unity are the keys to achieve the impossible. Our elders created history which many considered impossible. We will create another another history, InshAllah, which many consider impossible by achieving Takmeel e Pakistan! Remember this, change will NOT come through elections in Pakistan. So, wait and do your duty of rebuilding a nation and guiding a lost generaiton of youth. This is the most PRACTICAL duty of the time -- defend, protect and revive your ideology and identity! Allah has His plans and He will give duty to those who are Mard e Azaad with Faqr e Ghayyur. Be that group of Shaheens to deserve Allah's mercy!!!!

March 16, 2012

Now this hindu will be our guide to Jannah !! astaghfrullah

Leaders of Pakistan are asking for Jalal and Qehar of Allah (swt). Now these Hindu snakes will come to teach us spirituality and how to allow Indian culture, ideology and trade into Pakistan. He is following the agneda of RAW and Indian foreign policy. What has spirituality got to do with Piyaz trade and Indian movies??? bloody liars.

Under the cover of "aman ki asha" now these hard core Hindu zionist backed Pandits are being pushed into Pakistan and it is sickening to see how the liberal seculars are promoting them.

Beware of them and resist their entry into Pakistan. This axis of "Aman Ki asha" will teach you Shirk, Bidaat, Idol worshing, Kali worshiping and Hindu mythology. Anyone participating such programs would lose his faith and Imaan. Expose and resist at every forum you can. By Allah, this is part of making Muslims lose their identity, ideology and Imaan. Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) are enough for us. we do not need this Hindu to guide us to Jannah !!!

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