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Novenber 16, 2012


The fate and future of this democracy

 and judiciary is defined clearly!



The Link will activate by 11:30 PM Pakistan time inshAllah. If you cannot see it now, pl wait for some time.

The time has come for the Judiciary to take army's advice in defending Pakistan. Today, when Pakistan and armed forces are being
attacking from all sides, the media and judiciary are also waging their own wars against Pak army and Pakistan. The anger in the army is rising. The lawyers are getting insane and out of control, demanding that Pak army's strength and budgets should be reduced. It is like a unit of Pakistan army demanding that SC judges should be reduced !!! How stupid that would look? What right does lawyers have to demand a cut in the number of Generals or army budget???

Instead of punishing the terrorists today, the judiciary and the media are demanding that mistakes of Generals in 1990 should be tried and punished !! Watch this explosive program where the fate and future of this democracy and judiciary is defined clearly!

Today, we let them have it.

 Watch our program at 8 PM on Waqt News 

with Fareeha Idrees


Today, we let them have it. Watch our program at 8 PM on Waqt News with Fareeha Idrees and Ansar Abbasi over the judiciary's role in humiliating and attacking the army and the present national security crisis. It is the duty of the CJ to ask army for the national security strategy and offer full judicial support. Else, the state would collapse and the the army would do what it wants. Role of media in waging this information war and the future elections if the army refuse to supervise. All these issues discussed in a brutally harsh program and expose the enemies and their plans, InshAllah. 

Most heart breaking message from Gaza



Have just received this most heart breaking message from Gaza as Israelis bomb and blast cities with Muslims. *tears*! Ya Allah Karam !!!

This is OUR duty. Never forget this.


 Even when we did not have a country of our own, our founding fathers were fighting for Palestine. It is a duty upon us to fight for the cause of Palestine, Kashmir and all those regions which are under occupation of Kufr. This is OUR duty.
Never forget this.

7 October 1937, Iqbal wrote to Muhammad All Jinnah, President of the All-India Muslim League:

“The Palestine question is very much agitating the minds of the Muslims… I have no doubt that the League will pass a strong resolution on this question and also by holding a private conference of the leaders decide on some sort of a positive action in which the masses may share in large numbers. This will at once popularise the League and may help the Palestine Arabs. Personally I would not mind going to jail on an issue which affects Islam and India. The formation of a Western base on the very gates of the East is a menace to both.”

 Only a week later, on 15 October 1937, in the course of his presidential address to the All-India Muslim League Session at Lucknow, Muhammad Ali Jinnah said:

“May I now turn and refer to the question of Palestine? It has moved the Mussalmans all over India most deeply. The whole policy of the British Government has been a betrayal of the Arabs, from its very inception. Fullest advantage has been taken of their trusting nature. Great Britain has dishonored her proclamation to the Arabs, which had guaranteed them complete independence for the Arab homelands and the formation of an Arab Confederation under the stress of the Great War. After having utilized them, by giving them false promises, they installed themselves as the Mandatory Power with that infamous Balfour Declaration, which was obviously irreconcilable and incapable of simultaneous execution. Then, having pursued the policy to find a national home for the Jews, Great Britain now proposes to partition Palestine, and the Royal Commission’s recommendation completes the tragedy. If given effect to, it must necessarily lead to the complete ruination and destruction of every legitimate aspiration of the Arabs in their homeland — and now we are asked to-look at the realities! But who created this situation? It has been the handiwork of and brought about sedulously by the British statesmen … I am sure I am speaking not only of the Mussalmans of India but of the world; and all sections of thinking and fair-minded people will agree, when I say that Great Britain will be digging its grave if she fails to honour her original proclamation, promises and intentions — pre war and even post-war — which were so unequivocally expressed to the Arabs and the world at large. I find that a very tense feeling of excitement has been created and the British Government, out of sheer desperation, are resorting to repressive measures, and ruthlessly dealing with the public opinion of the Arabs in Palestine. The Muslims of India will stand solid and will help the Arabs in every way they can in the brave and just struggle that they are carrying on against all odds.”




Those who are uncomfortable watching 

this video  because of Sahabas, 

for them we have few points.


Those who are uncomfortable watching this video because of Sahabas, for them we have few points.

The said series is made in Qatar and has been shown all across the Muslim and Arab world already and have the approval of all Muslim scholars in these lands. There is NOT a single report of any Muslim country blocking this series.

The film Message was a similar film which came out in the 80's and is still seen all over the world, even shown on Pakistani media. Message was made by Hollywood and had shown the sahabas also but was a respectful movies.

These are the domains where Ijtihad is required and the door is open for interpretations. Allah judge people on the basis of their intentions. If the niyat is pure and action is also correct then there are two rewards for a Momin. If the niyat is pure but there is an error in the action, then there is one reward for the Momin. Allah does not punish a believer for sincere mistakes done with pure intentions.

Those who see this series fall in love with Sayyadna Umer and the sahabas. They come to know of the real heroes of Islam and Ummah. They get to know their history which most of the children do not know and most of all, this series is made with love and adab by Muslims and all events are historically correct, without showing any image of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). If there is any sharr in this, there is greater khair indeed.

Read the comments of the people here and see how deeply this series have impacted their hearts and have brought them closer to Islam and Khilafat e Rashida. Again, we say, this is a domain for Ijtihad and there is difference of opinion between scholars but generally Muslims have accepted such series and programs all across the Muslim world.

So, take it easy and calm down. Don't watch if you don't want to but don't be harsh on others who want to watch. We personally are ok with this because of the reasons we gave. Rest, Allah knows best and may He forgive our mistakes if we err in sincerity. Jazak Allah . ZH

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