Saturday, 10 November 2012

November 10, 2012



 Spiritual democracy and benovelent Dictatorship !




The systems of Capitalism, democracy, Communism and Dictatorships are all based on Riba based fake paper currency backed banking system! Only the drama and facade is created through media that they are different systems. All systems of Kufr, made by cunning wicked bankers to enslave the humanity under various man made laws.

We went to the Supreme Court the other day and sat in the chamber of the Chief Justice. We did not have the camera else, we would have taken the pics. On the walls, there were pictures of all former Chief Justices of Pakistan, wearing that clown woolen Wigs worn by the British Judges !! It was such a shame to see Pakistani Muslim judges taking pride in protecting and continuing the Colonial system of enslavement.

The entire present system and the people who run it are the slaves of the West, with no dignity, no self respect, no honor to even dream to be free. They feel ashamed in wearing the Islamic turban but feel proud wearing a monkey wig worn by their masters who made this system in 1860 to enslave a Muslim nation.

If the youth and nation of Pakistan want dignity, honor and glory, it is time to seek our own solutions from the Quran and Sunnah. Call it benevolent Dictatorship or Spiritual Democracy as Iqbal has said or call it Khilafat e Rashida model! We reject this democracy, we reject secular dictatorship which comes to protect this filthy system. We reject elections under present form and laws.

Have the courage to dream what others consider impossible. Our forefathers had the courage and they created this Medina e Sani. We can dream and accomplish what they left unfinished -- Takmeel e Pakistan. This is your moment of glory, moment of a lifetime. The caravan has started to march. Join it or swallow the dust.. its your choice!

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