Friday, 23 November 2012

November 24, 2012


   He will only chose the most sincere,  most Ba-adab, 

most selfless of His  creation for this duty.

Do NOT miss the caravan.




For the last 65 years, most of our leaders, scholars and media have betrayed Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). The country was divided between liberal secular fascists and the radical, extremists fasadi Mullahs. Both are traitors to our ideology, faith and nation and both blame each other for the chaos we see in Pakistan today. Both want to impose their own version of Kufr system in Pakistan.

During 50's, 60's and 70's the liberal secular and socialist anarchists westernized and li
beralized this nation into night clubs, alcohol bars and gambling dens. Today, the Kharjis are destroying this nation brick by brick from one end and the seculars from the other.

We have declared war against both extremist ideologies. We want the benevolent path of Khilafat e Rashida. It is going to be a difficult journey, fraught with dangers and great risks. This is not the journey for the weak hearted. We have accepted the risks and are willing to pay the ultimate price. We will live with dignity for our mission and will die with honor trying or we will achieve what we strive for, InshAllah. We will never be part of this filthy system of politics, Riba and judiciary. We will use it to fight it but will never be part of it. We have our own system based on what our beloved Sayyadi (sm) has blessed us. We offer no apologies. We have no regrets.

We are free men from Ummat e Rasul (sm), alhamdolillah!!

Our first duty is to defend this Pak Sarzameen and support our army and to revive our ideology, Iqbal and Quaid. Rest of the mission will follow naturally, InshAllah.

If you want to be part of this mission, then do what we have posted below from the training program. Allah does not need anyone of us. It would be our blessing if he decides to deploy us for this sacred mission. He will only chose the most sincere, most Ba-adab, most selfless of His creation for this duty. Do NOT miss the caravan.




If you betray Pakistan today, you have betrayed 

Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm)




If you betray Pakistan today, you have betrayed Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). It does not matter which school of thought, political party, region, ethnicity or sect you belong to. If you betray and harm Pakistan, you are an enemy of Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Rasul Allah (sm). Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif has made it easy for you. Take this advice seriously.

Pakistan is in pain today and need you to rise and defend this Medina e Sani. MashAllah, you are blessed to be part of this spiritual family of Pakistan. Respect it and you will be respected in dunya and Akhira.

This is the red line enemies must NEVER cross.




Those who are not deaf, dumb and blind should read this text written by Qudrutullah Shahab sahib in his book Shahab Nama. This dialogue took place about 50 years ago and still remains deadly relevant. Every Zionist in East and West and within Pakistan is hell bent to attack and weaken Pakistan army. It is the religious, moral, national and spiritual duty of every Pakistan to defend Pakistan and its armed forces from such physical and psychological attacks. If Pakistan army is weakened or destroyed, Allah forbid, then it would be all over for us. Wake up now and do your duty. This is the red line enemies must NEVER cross.

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