Friday, 2 November 2012

November 02, 2012



Sher Ban aur maidan main aa -- 

La Ilaha Illalla....




Today, we need the same fire, same passion, same junoon, same Ishq -- Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia, La ilaha illalla.... Sher ban aur maidan mai aa... La ilaha Illalla.....

In 1944, a poet Asghar Sodai wrote a poem which ignited the entire Pakistan movement. It is said by elders that once Quaid e Azam even said that Asghar Sodai has 25% share in making of Pakistan !!

The slogan "Pakistan ka matlab Kia" came from a martial song written by Asghar sahib and that spread like wildfire in India and turned the tide in favor of Pakistan. Here, we bring that lost piece of romantic, emotional and powerful poetry for you from the pages of history! gives you goosebumps even now....

Know these snakes and dont trust their lies.



Now we shall expose the traitors within the media to you and their backgrounds. Najam Sethi is a SAFMA snake and spits poison against Pak sarzameen, paid by GEO. He is an old traitor, helping the BLA terrorists in the 70's and fighting against the Pak army and Pakistan by taking help from Soviets and India. He has been involved in killing Pak army soldiers and was arrested also but later was released under a general amnesty by general Zia. His other colleague is a President in geo today and that is why you find this gang of traitors so active against Pakistan. Know these snakes and dont trust their lies. On the day of punishment there is most severe punishment for them InshAllah but in dunya also, we are preparing and filing cases against them now.

Just read about their treason.

"About five members of the London Club decided to quit their studies in London, travel back to Pakistan and join the insurgency on the Baloch nationalists’ side. They were all between the ages of 21 and 25, came from well-off families and, what’s more, none of them was Baloch. In fact they were all from Punjab. They included Najam Sethi, Ahmed Rashid, Rashid and Asad Rehman and Dalip Dass (a Pakistani from a middle-class Hindu family).
Asad Rehman, Ahmed Rashid and Dalip Dass were the three who escaped into the mountains to join the Baloch tribesmen, whereas Najam Sethi and Rashid Rehman stationed themselves in Karachi to raise funds and awareness about the Baloch cause"..

The other snake we will expose is Hamid Mir. One by one, they will be brought to book now in courts, InshAllah, for a most severe punishment in dunya and akhira. Just watch...

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