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November 14, 2012


Now a new similar series have come which is

 stunning, emotional and historically correct 

story of Sayyadna Umer (RA)



You must be remembering the movie Message ? Now a new similar series have come which is stunning, emotional and historically correct story of Sayyadna Umer (RA). We would strongly recommend you all to watch this series by MBC TV. It has English subtitles also and is available on you tube. Keep a tissue box with you. You will cry like a baby when you see the greatness and innocence of our forefathers. Watch it. It will have a deep spiritual impact upon you.




This is the greatest spiritual secret and a 

blessing reserved for the most blessed - 

to have a direct personal spiritual private

 relationship with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm)!!   

This is the greatest spiritual secret and a blessing reserved for the most blessed - to have a direct personal spiritual private relationship with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm)!! In this incredible book published by Ferozsons, you will see this fascinating and most incredible dimension of Faqr e Ghayyur and secrets of Aulia Allah.
If you do not understand this, stay silent, remain respectful and ask a question decently. This is a sensitive and delicate domain. DO NOT be Gustakh! May Allah bless this Ummat e Marhoom and re-establish its spiritual and mystical contacts with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

  They lived as brothers, died as brothers and now 

will be in Jannah as brothers, MashAllah!!! 



This emotional short clip would shatter your heart and shake your soul! The last recorded emotional and patriotic song by the Shaheeds of Giyari sector, days before they were all buried under tons of snow for their eternal life of shaeeds. They knew the risks and knew the pains of being alone, lonely and under attack in that cold hell and the words of their song reflect their courage, determination and passion for this land and their will to defy the death and harshness. They lived as brothers, died as brothers and now will be in Jannah as brothers, MashAllah!!! Recite Fatiha for them once again.

 But we must NOT write a language in a different 

script especially our Urdu.



Please note that there are many Arabic / Islamic terms and words which have universally become part of the English or European languages like Assalam o Alaikum, Jazak Allah, InshAllah, MashAllah, Khair inshAllah, Hijab, Imam, Niqab, Madrassa, Masjid etc which are extensively used by even non-Muslims European language speakers and in western media.
Such words can be used when we write a text in English and we must promote them as our values and culture in European society as there are NO translations available for these Islamic terms in European languages which can fully do justice with these Islamic terms.
But we must NOT write a language in a different script especially our Urdu. Urdu is being systematically destroyed and most of the private school going children cannot even read or write in Urdu now, though they speak and understand Urdu. This is critically dangerous. A great tragedy indeed.
In Turkey, in 1924, Mustapha Kemal changed the script of Turkish language from Arabic to English and since then, new Turkish generations have lost complete contact with their thousand years of history written in Turkish language. Script is important and must be protected along with the terms, language and the literature.
When we are advising you, be wise and respectful and listen to it. There is khair for you in this advice.
Jazak Allah

 Pl note these critical announcements.



Attention all members, volunteers and children. Pl note these critical announcements.
We must NOT write Urdu in English script. We must protect our Urdu language. Please either write in pure Urdu or write in pure English.
All Roman Urdu texts will be deleted from now on.
We must protect our language and heritage and must not let it to be corrupted. Improve your English and Urdu writing skill s and don't destroy your own Urdu language by writing it in English script.
Please, also, all write mails to me in English or Urdu and NOT in Roman Urdu. I don't read such mails.
My personal e-mail address is syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com
You can write to me directly and don't leave message in the Inbox of FB. I rarely check those in FB inbox.
Jazak Allah khair.





The time has come for the army to 

move the 111 brigade

This is our azaan on Din News today. The time has come for the army to move the 111 brigade. The security situation is out of control now. The army, judiciary and the government cannot control the chaos and the anarchy without imposing a national emergency and giving full powers to the army to establish military court to fight this war.

The SC and the government do not want to impose the emergency despite the bloodshed and are guilty of destroying the country for the sake of next elections. If the army refuse to conduct the elections, then what would the government do ????? Pakistan must be stabilized first and treason, terrorism and insurgency must be controlled. If the SC does not do it, then army must. Khair inshAllah.

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