Wednesday, 7 November 2012

November 07, 2012


This Pakistan is sacred, not any man made law.



We want to ask 3 Questions from the CJ:

Pakistan has been destroyed by the Terrorists, the Media and the corruption. But we want to ask 3 questions about the role of judiciary?

1. Why the Judiciary has NOT punished a single terrorist in the last 10 years??? When courts refuse to do their primary responsibility of punishing the criminals, then what good is this judicial system? What should army do when suicide bombers are released by the courts???

2. Why the courts do no
t take up cases against the anarchist media??? All petitions filed against media in the supreme court are either rejected or being dragged without being formally admitted? It is clear that courts are avoiding the accountability of media despite blatant proof that media needs strongest accountability for treason and creating anarchy?

3. When Supreme Court has themselves proved that political governments in Baluchistan and Sindh have failed constitutionally and the ruling parties are involved in terrorism and corruption, then why doesn't Supreme Court dismiss these governments and is allowing the political parties to destroy the nation??

Iftikhar chaudrey sahib, Nation want answers! Pakistan is being destroyed and we feel that courts are that NOT doing their duty in these times of war. This Pakistan is sacred, not any man made law. We feel that you are also very harsh against the pak army.

You have not done anything yet to prove that our analysis is wrong. You need to punish the terrorists. You need to restrain the traitor media. You need to remove the corrupt regime. If you are not doing this, then whats the point of having a judiciary??

They say judges don't speak. Their judgements speak. But we see that you speak a lot but there are no judgements of substance. Why is that so Mr. CJ? Nation is asking.

The war has begun and now we will take

 it to its logical conclusion.



Every channel today is discussing our war in the Supreme Court. Geo's tail is especially on fire. The traitors are panicking now. Najam Sethi has just done a program and is panicking and is threatening that now media is too powerful and no one can fight with media and relations between media and judiciary are too cordial and the SC will never go against the media.

Najam Sethi and Hamid Mir and Geo would know soon inshAllah. The war has begun and now we will take it to its logical conclusion. There is no turning back. These traitors will curse the day they were born. InshAllah.

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