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November 26, 2012



 Once a traitor, always a traitor.





The violent and terrorist history of PPP of Zulfiqar ali Bhutto which they won’t tell you today.

Soviet Union, India, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iraq were supporting PPP and their terrorist gangs against Pakistan in the 80’s. The history of PPP is blood stained – from breaking of Pakistan in 1971 to creating first organized international terrorist gangs against Pakistan in 80. Today, PPP is again in power and have brought Pakistan to the brink of disaster once again. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

Desperado, 1981: This is a rare photograph of notorious Pakistani left-wing radical, Salamulla Tipu, hanging out from the cockpit of a PIA plane that he had hijacked with three other colleagues in 1981. Tipu, a leftist student leader from Karachi, had joined Murtaza Bhutto’s Al-Zulfikar Organisation (AZO) to instigate an urban guerrilla war against Pakistan.

The plane was hijacked from Karachi, flown to Kabul and then to Damascus. Tipu and co. (armed with AK-47s and hand grenades), only released the passengers after the Zia regime agreed to release 50-plus PPP criminal prisoners from jails. They also killed Pakistan’s diplomat Tariq Raheem and threw his body on Kabul airport tarmac.

In 1984, however, in an ironic twist of fate, Tipu the Marxist revolutionary, was executed by the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul after he’d fallen out with Murtaza Bhutto, while the other hijackers travelled to Libya.

This was the reason why army and ISI and Ghulam Ishaq Khan were concerned when PPP came to power in 1988 and funds were distributed between pro-Pakistan politicians to block PPP taking power. The whole fact is known to Supreme Court till, the judgement in Asghar Khan case came against former President, former army chief and former DG ISI. No one has ever put on trial PPP leadership for being part of Al-Zulfiqar. Have you ever heard any PPP leader condemning or talking about this dark and bloody chapter of their history?? Never. because, they are part of this criminal gang. 

Never betray this land.

 You will ruin your dunya and akhira.



Pakistan is a miracle gift to the Ummah from Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). It is the camel of Saleh (as), which is sent as a divine sign and must be honored and protected at all costs. If you know the spiritual importance and significance of Pakistan, you will never take this land casually. This is the Medina e Sani for the Ummah from where the Khilafat al Minhaj un Nubuwwat would rise once again, InshAllah.

Wafa Ka Kaaba is an amazing book, written with love and Ishq for Pakistan. May Allah give barakah and khair to Hasan Mehmood for bringing it out. The book is out of print now but we will be posting its extracts here. Read it with love and say shukar at this gift we call Pakistan. Never betray this land. You will ruin your dunya and akhira.

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