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November 25, 2012


In the end, Pak army will have to take over,

 brushing aside the politicians and the judges, 

so why not now?




 Read this. You will know why we say we dont have any time now. Our leaders have sold us to the Kuffar and now we will be tested to the extreme to protect our honor, faith, land and ideology. No matter how desperate the crisis may seem, remember this -- a great destiny awaits you InshAllah. Stay strong and sincere to Pakistan. This is Allah's way to separate the munafiqeen from Momineen.

Pakistan’s National Security Analysis

Pakistan today is witnessing the worst bloodshed in his recent history, almost collapsing into a war zone with a failed dysfunctional treacherous regime contributing its share to turn the country into Somalia and then into Iraq and then into Yugoslavia. The levels, scale, intensity and ruthlessness of the deployed urban war are staggering. From Peshawar to Quetta to Karachi, the country is effectively a war zone with unprecedented security measures only deployed in an active war zone. Still, the government, judiciary and the media refuse to acknowledge that the country is in a state of war and official state of emergency need to be deployed. There is panic in the government and army has been put on the standby but still we see no seriousness on the national leadership. This is the real tragedy.
The entire focus of the government is on covering up their corruption tracks, fixing the next elections, countering the opposition, nailing down the judiciary and triggering a war between judiciary and the army. Not a single step is being taken by the judiciary or the government to address the issue of deployed war against the state and the nation or to address the meltdown in economy. It is actually that anarchic and chaotic even insane behavior in the power corridors.
The economic axis is collapsing meanwhile rapidly. Staggering corruption and embezzlements have brought the country to an economic implosion.
The government now wants to go for the elections once it has successfully fixed all legal and administrative loopholes to assure another term. Fraud of historic proportions is being planned by the ruling parties. MQM has actually entered into the voters’ database and fraudulently transferred over 3 million hostile votes from Karachi to upcountry cities to avoid being voted against. Meanwhile, all political parties and militants gangs are stockpiling weapons and ammo for the pre and post elections civil war.
Pakistan army is desperate to avoid getting sucked into a anarchic urban civil war but the treacherous politicians are dragging the army into this quicksand.
The most painful irony is that despite knowing the existential threats, Pakistani leadership has still not developed any response strategy to this anarchic deployed 4thGW, despite the fact that the war has now reached the last termination phase after which only a civil war can erupt leading to total and complete annihilation of the state and the country, just as being done right now in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.
It is crystal clear now that under the presently deployed military, administrative, judicial and media policy, the war cannot be won; in fact, it is being lost on daily basis. The staggering sacrifices of Pakistan army’s young officers and men are acting as a bulwark against total annihilation of the country but with each passing day, odds are getting against the army.
Army has made advances in pushing the TTP back into Afghanistan but in the absence of any governmental and judicial support, the gained ground is being lost even more rapidly through the defenseless and open flanks in Baluchistan, Karachi and elsewhere in NWFP.
Constitutionally, the time has already come for a caretaker government in Islamabad. If army wants to play safe within the legal limits, all it needs to do is to assure that a patriotic caretaker government takes power in Islamabad for a period of 3 years. A patriotic government in Islamabad would give that legal, administrative and judicial support to the army which is so critically missing under these war environments.
If army allows the democracy to proceed by the rules set by Zardari, then the fate is not hard to predict. Syria is too painful and too recent an example to ignore. This is where Pakistan is heading now if the elections take place in the next few months. Once the last end game begins, Pak army would not be able to recover the country, just as Syrian army is losing ground on daily basis. In the end, Pak army will have to take over, brushing aside the politicians and the judges, so why not now? Then the recovery would be next to impossible and extremely bloody but now the country can be stabilized with minimum bloodshed and under much controlled environments.
In our assessment, army leadership would be committing a fatal mistake of allowing the elections to go through under war conditions, just as they did in 1970. The country was balkanized in 1970 when army held elections under pressure from the treacherous politicians and then fought a bloody civil war to lose the country’s eastern arm. Today, it is exact repeat of the same scary scenario.
Khair inshAllah.

 Fear Allah and defend this Pak Sarzameen before 

you see this in every school of Pak Sarzameen





Fear Allah and defend this Pak Sarzameen before you see this in every school of Pak Sarzameen. When enemies enter into our cities and homes, then they have no mercy on our women, children and infirm. Read our national security analysis posted next to this post. We have been betrayed by our leaders, media and scholars. The time for a most severe test is now upon us. Fear not and stay firm and strong. Allah has not abandoned us but He is surely going to separate the munafiqeen from Momineen.

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