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August 30, 2012


Your duty is to spread this Blog and 

its post on Khawarij of TTP!


Your duty is to spread this Blog and its post on Khawarij of TTP! We have compiled all the references and videos on TTP Khawarij at one place which make this blog an extremely useful reference. which every Muslim and Pakistani must know. This is our own war. Khawarij are the biggest fitnah this Ummah has seen in decades. Rasul Allah (sm) had warned us against their crimes in over 100 Ahadees. You must join the war against TTP Khawarij. You may belong to any sect of Muslims, may come from any part of the world or community. Khawarij are a common enemy and common threat. Share this link to all Muslims globally. This duty must be done else be prepared to be humiliated or killed by these Khawarij -- the dogs of hell!




Do not let this moment slip away.

 Hit them hard. Hindus did 26/11.

  We knew it all the way alhamdolillah.



Allahu Akbar! It was Hindu extremists who did Mumbai attacks! We knew it, we had proved it and now even their finest come out to confirm this. Allah has given us this new weapon against Hindu Zionists. Deploy it well and fire with full force. When we said this, they tried to mock us. Do not let this moment slip away. Hit them hard. Hindus did 26/11. We knew it all the way alhamdolillah.

what is more funny is that this news appears in The News, the group which runs Geo which did its best to prove that Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani :)) Allah has His own ways to humiliate the munafiqeen and Kuffar, alhamdolillah!


LONDON: A renowned Indian journalist and Dalit rights campaigner has claimed a Hindu extremist organisation played a role in the Mumbai bombings of 2008 which killed 164 people and wounded more than 300.

The Indian govt have always maintained that Pakistan-based Islamic militants affiliated with LeT carried out the coordinated shooting and bombing attacks in India’s largest city but VT Rajshekar, famous Indian leader of the Dalits and a journalist of long standing, made the shocking revelation at a seminar in London that a secret extremist Brahminical organisation called Abhinav Bharat had a role in the bombings that shook India and brought the two nuclear powers to the brink of an all-out war. He quoted from the book, ‘Who killed Karakare?’ by a senior police officer Musharif, which he released in Bombay.






 Do your duty towards Pak Sarzameen and Rasul Allah (sm)

 and do not abandon the millat in these times. 

This would be Khiyanat !!!







members and children, two points:

1. On the day of Judgement, you will be asked what was your contribution towards defense of Pakistan and the millat in these dangerous testing times. Our battle field is cyber world and information war. You are all soldiers and must do your duty but we see that hardly a few are actively participating. We are making most critical and sensitive posts to defend Pakistan but hardly few hundred members SHARE them forward. With over 61K members, we expect thousands of shares to flood the cyber world to counter attack but this is not happening. Each post forwarded and Shared with more makes a difference. Do your duty towards Pak Sarzameen and Rasul Allah (sm) and do not abandon the millat in these times. This would be Khiyanat. Enemy is weak and on the run. Only the slaves of the minds and hearts feel that enemy is strong and we cannot fight it. Fighting the mental block, fear, slavery and inferiority complex is more critical to give faith and hope to this millat, We are NOT weak militarily but are weak mentally and spiritually. help your nation to become truly free -- in heart, soul and mind. spread our messages.

2. We are doing much more than what you see on the FB, so do not be impulsive and rash in demanding that we should do something practical. The information war is also practical and so is all the missions and duties we do which you do not see. Do your duty and have faith that Allah will never abandon this Pak Sarzameen. We are going through testing times but time will change for khair very soon InshAllah. Never be despondent or Mayoos and dully and strongly support our soldiers and officers fighting the Khawarij. InshAllah, army will remove this government soon to bring good patriotic people as rulers. Sabr.

Khair inshAllah.

Who are Khawarij in Pakistan??? 

A critical note on TTP and their ideology !




Read this post slowly and carefully and seek protection of Allah from Shaitan when you read this. No one will dare to tell you this in Pakistan.

We Muslims of Pakistan will have to address the gravest threat to our faith, unity and ideolo
gy maturely now. We have many threats and enemies have surrounded us from all sides but the real threat is within. We will have to address and attack the Khawarij with full force. The entire nation must know who they are within the Pakistani nation.

Our mission is to protect our Islamic ideology and Pakistani identity. We do not divide the millat in religious or political sects nor we divide the Ummah on arrogance of Jahilia to divide them on ethnic, regional or linguistic lines. We are only Muslims as an Ummah and Pakistanis as an identity within it.

The biggest threat to Pakistan now is from Khawarij and their deviant murderous ideology. Indeed Khawarij are a great fitnah which our nation does not realize. Rasul Allah (sm) has advised and warned the Ummah strongly in over 100 Ahadees about Khawarij. Imam Ibn Taimiya says that Khawarij will always be present in Muslim society but you will only identify them when they pick up weapons and start to kill Muslims ruthlessly otherwise they would live like pious religious men with Quran and Salat within the Muslims. So it becomes extremely difficult to identity Khawarij until it’s too late, when they wage their war against the Ummah.

Understand this that Khawarij is NOT a sect. It is a mentality of anarchy and chaos. They are Takfiris who call Muslims as Kafirs and apply the verses of Quran on Muslims which have come for non-Muslims. They would side with Mushriks and wage war against Muslims. They would call Muslim leaders as Kafirs, Muslim state as Kafir but would never wage a war against Jews, Zionists and Hindus. They would be extremely religious with long beards and praying all night and fasting all day but they would be the "dogs of hell".

In Muslims history, Khawarij have come from various sects in various times at various places. Sectarian differences and religious disagreements are present all over the Muslim world in entire history but they cannot be called Khawarij until they wage a war on the entire Muslim ummah and start to kill and slaughter the Muslims due to religious differences. Sects or groups can be deviant, sinful, confused, “Gumrah” but to call them Khawarij, certain very strict conditions have to be met. This is critical to understand.

In the past, Khawarij killed Hazrat Ali (RA). They waged a war against Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi and today men like Ayman al Zawahiri and Hakeem ullah mehsud are doing the same.

Today, they are the TTP in Pakistan. They call Quaid e Azam as Kafir, Allama Iqbal as Kafir. Pakistan as Kafiristan and are on a mission to destroy or take over Pakistan to make it easy for the Hindus to slaughter us as they did in 1947. Khawarij are the most dangerous weapon in the hands of Hindus and Zionists.

But who are the TTP and from where they have emerged? This is critical to understand.

Within the Muslims, there are many sects. Shias and Sunnis are two large ones but there are many sub sects within them also. For example in Pakistan, we have Asna Ashari Shias, Ismaili Shias, Ahl Hadees sect, Deobandis, Barelvis, Sufis etc. Within Sunnis, Pir Jamaat Ali Shah, ameer e millat was a Faqeer of Ahl sunnat wal Jamaat and the entire Muslim nation followed him to support Quaid e Azam. Raja sahib Mehmood abad and many top Muslim league leaders were Shias and supported the Pakistan movement also. Muslim league was formed by Sir Agha Khan, who was an Ismaili, even though in the times of Crusades and Salahuddin Ayyubi, the Ismaili sect was known to be Khawarij and Assasins but not today.

We do not approve of sectarian divides within Muslims but mentioning this just to explain our point.

When Pakistan was created all Muslims from all sects supported Pakistan strongly except a political party Jamiat e Ulama e Hind from Deobandi school. They decided to side with the Hindus and were thus called as Congressi Muslims in history. These are historical facts and cannot be denied. Till this day, despite the slaughter of millions of Muslims at the hands of Hindus, the Congressi Mullahs of Deoband India still support Hindus and Congress. Allama Iqbal had fiercely attacked the deobandi leader Maulvi Hussain Ahmed Madni and taunted him harshly that they are following the path of “Abu Lahab”. Again, this entire episode is part of Kalam e Iqbal and cannot be denied.

Within the Deobandi school, two groups were created. One was pro-Pakistan and supported Quaid e Azam. Other was anti-Pakistan and remain at war with Muslims to this day. Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi and Maulana Shabbir Ahmed usmani were blessed in this way that they broke ranks from Deoband and rebelled against JUH to join Quaid e Azam. Allama shabbir Ahmed Usmani even saw Rasul Allah (sm) in his dream and Rasul Allah (sm) called Quaid e Azam as his soldier and thus Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani became a loyal and faithful Deobandi to join the Pakistan movement. Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi resigned from Deoband and supported cause of Pakistan after Gandhi was invited in that Madrassa for speech. This is also a fact that when these two great scholars from Deoband broke ranks, they faced extreme anger, rage, resistance and humiliation from Congressi Mullahs of Deoband.

When Pakistan was created, Deoband was already divided into two camps. Pro-Pakistan Deobandi who made Pakistan their home with love and over the years, have defended Pakistan, Pakistan’s ideology, Quaid e Azam and true Jihad in Afghanistan and Kashmir. Jamaat e Islami had also opposed Pakistan in the beginning but when Pakistan was created, they have always defended Pakistan at all levels and have even given blood for Pakistan, just like pro-Pakistan Deobandis.

But, there was also a group of Congressi JUH mullahs of Deoband who came to Pakistan and even though they still live in Pakistan, they have never accepted Pakistan as a state for Muslims. They always speak against Pakistan’s ideology, against two nations theory, against Allama Iqbal, call Quaid e Azam as Kafir and have now been armed by the NATO and RAW to wage war against Pakistan. They were here for the last 65 years but never had weapons, training camps and bases to start their war against Pakistan and Muslims. Now they have and thus we see this ruthless war against all Muslims – against all sects, against all Pakistanis and against Pak army. TTP are anti-Pakistan deobandi gangs waging a war against Muslims and are the Khawarij of today. Their brothers and friends are present in political parties of Pakistan, in government, in media and in many deobandi scholars of Pakistan. Their militant arm is TTP but they also have many political, religious and government arms who silently spread venom and poison against Pakistan’s ideology. Remember the words of Mufti Mehmood, father of JUI chief Fazlur Rehman, when he said that “we were not part of the sin of making Pakistan”? This is the mentality we are talking about.

The Khawarij of today are threatening all Muslims who are opposed to suicide bombings and war against Pakistan. Majority of deobandis in Pakistan are pro-Pakistan and are NOT khawarij but are too afraid to speak against these takfiri Fasadis. Great scholars from deoband who spoke against TTP and suicide bombings have been assassinated by these Kharjis. Great scholars of Ahl-Sunnat and Barelvis, Ahl-Hadees and Shias who have spoken against TTP have also been killed.

All sects in Pakistan have spoken passively and weakly against suicide bombings but no one dares to call TTP as Khawarij, except Dr. Tahir ul Qadri but then he had to leave the country for security reasons. It is the most serious responsibility of Pakistani Deoband Ulama to speak against TTP and call them Khawarij. In a religious environment divided between sects, it is important that the scholars who belong to the sect of the TTP must speak out loudest. Pakistani Deoband ulama must also condemn the Congressi Mullahs of India of JUH and ask them to do tauba for their rebellion against Rasul Allah (sm), for supporting slaughter of Muslims at the hands of Hindus and for waging a war against Medina e Sani Pakistan, as Allama Iqbal had said clearly that they were following the path of Abu Lahab.

Khawarij of TTP are the biggest threats for all Muslims of all sects. It is NOT a sectarian issue. It is an issue of a fitnah which have risen in Pakistan and incidentally this gang of killers belong to Congressi Deobandi school. In Libya, Syria and other places, these Khawarij are from other sects also. So, again, we say, it is NOT a sectarian issue. It is a religious issue of a deviant dangerous Takfiri ideology which is attacking all Muslims today in Pakistan. Ulama of Deoband have the most highest responsibility as TTP and their likes in Pakistan belong to Deoband school of Congressi Mullahs who have always opposed Pakistan. There are political terrorists in Pakistan also like MQM, ANP, BLA etc but they are terrorists but NOT Khawarij. Rasul Allah (sm) had clearly given definition of Khawarij which only applies to TTP today, NOT to Afghan Mujahideen, NOT to Kashmiri Mujahideen, NOT to Hamas, NOT to Chechens, NOT to Hizbullah, NOT to Iraqi resistance. The so called Al-Qaeda and TTP are the same gangs of Khawarij. Understand this clearly and fight against them or be killed at their hands.

May Allah have mercy upon our souls and protect us from the Fitnah of Khawarij. May Allah protect Pakistan, Muslims and Pak army from their sharr. May Allah destroy them at the hands of Pakistan army and bring peace in the country. Ameen Ya Rabbul alimeen.

Jazak Allah



  1. may Allah safe Pakistan .. amen

    1. و رفعنا لك ذكرك
      صلى الله عليه و اله وسلم
      السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

      ameen ya Rab ul aalameen . sallal lho alihe wa alehe wasallam

      Alhamdolillah ...Madina e sani Pakistan is under saye Khuda e Zuljelal and faizan e Nabawi sallal laho alihe wa alehe wasallam.

      But as utmost respected sipah sallar said "Pakistani apni khair manai " ! khair inshaAllah.

      jazak kal Allah.
      Duago aur duajo.