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August 07, 2012


Read this and know why we will always defend army!!



BrassTacks Threat Analysis which the media wont tell you, politicians dont know and the judiciary do not want to know! DO NOT post your comments without reading it fully and slowly. Momin is never stupid. Be wise and dignified in questions
and comments.

It is our duty to inform you of the treason, threats and betrayals which the media or the politicians will not tell you. Many people who do not know the full picture or are naive to the ground realities criticize us that why we do not condemn army also while we attack the politicians, media and point out flaws of judiciary.

The answer is simple -- despite all their faults, it is this army which is keeping this country from becoming Iraq, Libya and Syria. You destroy, attack and remove this army and your sisters will be used by Crusaders, TTP and Hindus. Then there will be no tauba!

It is this army which is fighting and defending this Medina e Sani and even if they make mistakes, we advice them in private not humiliate them in public.

Fathers never humiliate their sons in public for mistakes but always advice them, even spank them in private to protect their izzat and self respect. Pak army are our brothers and sons, who are dying today for Pak Sarzameen. Even if the few decisions of the leadership are mistakes, the half a million strong army is defending our honor, faith and land. It would be a betrayal of the worst order to humiliate army when the entire Kufr is also attacking it.

Every enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) is attacking the Pak army today. Take your sides. By Allah, in times of war, attacking Pak army either in media or in battle field is the act of traitors and enemies. We will NEVER do it.

If you do not like our strategy, don't come on this page and do what you want to do. We have a strategy and it has worked for us and for Pak sarzameen since we launched our mission 5 years ago. We do not tell you everything what we do for the quote of Sayyadna Umer (RA) remains in front of us always. You will see the impact soon InshAllah. Just wait and watch if you cannot contribute any khair.

Pak army is surrounded today, fighting a desperate battle and dying daily. It needs our help and support not insults and humiliation.

Now read the following threat analysis and security scenario which these snakes in media, judiciary and politics wont tell you. Fear Allah and wake up before the stupidity of "saving democracy" destroys the country and the nation.

Threat Analysis and Situation Report:

It may sound incredible but the fact is that the Indian foreign policy towards Pakistan is dictated by an event in the 17th century in which a Hindu rebel was asked to come for peace talks with a Muslim General. At the successful conclusion of the peace talks, there was a warm hug between the two and at that moment, the Hindu rebel, Shivaji, stabbed the General and killed him. Peace talks, warm hug and then a stab!

While the Indians wage a war upon Pakistan, exploiting the global war on “terror” and supporting the insurgencies from Afghanistan, the official strategy is to bring Pakistan closer and closer in all domains of society, trade and commerce. Pakistani traders, security establishment and businessmen were all caught in surprise and grapples to understand the motives.

On the western front, Pakistan government is literally throwing the country to the dogs and has already signed the suicide note for the nation.

For just a billion dollars, the honor, security, integrity and future of the nation was compromised and auctioned. A staggeringly heavy price to pay for alliance with US and for democracy.

Once Pakistan surrendered on the most critical strategic trump card that it held, almost immediately, the US went on the offensive to demand “more” from Pakistan and army. US now want Pakistan army to fight and finish off the Afghan resistance on their behalf and launch the military axis while the US itself negotiates peace with Afghan resistance. It cannot get more sinister than this.

Last week, we gave the following assessment of the threats and strategies which Pakistan faces from the western front.

“The Syrian example is most close to what the Indian and Americans plan for Pakistan today where an urban high intensity war is demolition the last remains of the state and the regional countries are waiting to pounce in for the spoils of war while the Syrians flee their land or die in great numbers. There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that once the US and NATO are free from the Syrian campaign, they will turn their attention wards Pakistan, the last frontier to be captured to “secure” the greater Middle East. The media Psy-ops and information war has already begun for the “next” campaign. From terror threats from Pakistan to London Olympics to Hollywood movies depicting attack on Pakistan – presenting Pakistan as the new bad guys are the hottest psy-ops hitting the global media, preparing the minds and perceptions of the world against Pakistan. The Zardari regime is fully involved in creating the perceptions that Pakistanis are involved in sending terror suspects to London for acts of terror in the London Olympics. The Zardar regime is actively collaborating with the CIA and MI6 to nail Pakistan in the coming days. The stage is all set, the players well rehearsed and target is Pakistan. While Pakistan is being softened for Syria solution rapidly and the media psy-ops have already begun, Pakistan’s relations with US remains uncertain, even hostile over Afghanistan. Incredibly, the Pakistan government remains active collaborators of the US in orchestrating the controlled demolition of the state while the Pakistan army and the ISI desperately try to salvage the remains of the state and their lawful authority”

Pakistan army and ISI know that a trap is being weaved around them. Either the army stages a coup against the government or tries to resist as best as they can. As such, without the government and media support, ISI is fighting a losing battle.
The crisis is now getting into a fatal state with full backing of the CIA/RAW and Afghan regime.

US is working on multiple strategies now which the Pakistan government either fails to understand or remains an active collaborator.

1. US is pushing to get their supplies released as early as possible which would allow them to have the required military buildup to make aggressive military intrusions into Pakistan and even to cut a strategic land corridor through Baluchistan in case anarchy in Pakistan again blocks NATO supplies.

2. CIA would continue to push Pakistani military to open more active battle fronts against Afghan resistance, basically asking Pakistan to do the fighting with the Afghan Pashtuns. US is engaged in talks and dialogue with the Pashtuns but want to make sure that Pakistan should destroy all its assets in Afghanistan so that in future, US or Indians don’t have any problem from any Afghan group having any sympathies for Pakistan.

3. CIA would continue to launch drone strikes to eliminate hostile or expendable useless assets within Pakistan. These strikes also undermine respect and credibility of the Pakistani armed forces and also help to trigger more uprisings and anger against the state of Pakistan.

4. CIA/RAW would continue to support TTP and BLA insurgencies to continue to bog down Pakistan army.

5. Now youth from Chitral and tribal areas are being directly recruited to raise a local army on the payroll of CIA to act as vanguard for future invasion, uprising in Pakistan, just as the Free Syria army in Syria.

6. US also wants Pakistan to destroy all those groups which are fighting in Indian occupied Kashmir. This would not have any impact on war in Afghanistan but is only being done to please India which is now fully exploiting the US pressure upon Pakistan to advance its own security agenda.

For now, the NATO and the CIA are busy in the Syrian campaign and they need additional few months to complete their military preparations to launch the final “Syria” styled war against Pakistan.

In the next 3 to 4 months, Pakistan would be most vulnerable as the state organs continue to fight amongst each other, creating an anarchy which is imploding the state from within. Instead of salvaging the situation, the regime now plans fresh elections under these conditions of war.

There is absolutely no doubt that it would be during the elections chaos or immediately after it that the final and fatal phase of US/Indian war against Pakistan would be launched. The high intensity US invasion from the Western Afghan would focus on the Baluchistan’s strategic corridor where Pakistan army won’t be able to defend because of simultaneous Indian invasion from the East and due to the multiple “Free Syria army” type rebel groups launching at the same time from TTP, BLA and MQM. The scenario is of a total nightmare but still we see no solid response from the GHQ. This inaction from the army is more fatal than the threats Pakistan face today.

Meanwhile, in Islamabad, chaos and anarchy reigns supreme and the regime plan the final demolition of the state by attacking the judiciary and preparing for the elections. It is now total and complete meltdown in Islamabad.

The government has launched a full and final attack on the Supreme Court and the SC continues to wage their war against the government and the army. Total and complete anarchy!

Last week, we gave the following assessment of this national meltdown. It is actually scary. The country is burning and the political parties and state organs fight amongst each other.

“These are the final defining moments in Pakistan’s history. The Syrian fate is staring Pakistan in the eyes. It is a classic, chaotic, anarchic meltdown of state which has pushed the nation and the country into the abyss of total and complete annihilation like Iraq, Libya and now Syria. Why army continues to wait and see this devastating meltdown remains totally incomprehensible.
The Shareef brothers remain the useful idiots for the regime in the whole game. They are used where they are needed and dumped when they try to become difficult. They have no political future but for now act as a stabilizing for the Zardari regime to demolish the state and the nation”

Understandably it is totally chaotic on ground as well. All terrorist, insurgent and rebel groups have drawn out their daggers and are increasing their pressure on the state and the armed forces. CIA has joined in with their own direct war through drones and proxies.

Now you know why we defend army??? We will always do InshAllah!!!

  Pak army -- It is time to move 111 Bgde or

 be ready to become Syria, Iraq or Libya!!!






The verdict is now out. The survey that we conducted on the political future of Pakistan has stunned the world. Educated patriotic Pakistanis have spoken.

Nearly 88% Pakistanis want Army to intervene and decide the fate of the government.

8% want a direct Martial law.

80% want army to bring in a patriotic technocratic caretakers.

Only 12% want elections and democracy to continue. It seems that out of these 12% who want elections are mostly Imran Khan followers who want to give one last chance to democracy before its burial.

Under the present state of anarchy, chaos and implosion, Pakistan cannot survive the war going on in Islamabad. Once again today, the PPP regime launched most filthy attacks on Chief Justice and now an open war will bring down both the government and the Chief Justice.

Incredibly, On the other hand, Judiciary is registering murder, kidnapping and criminal cases against sitting DG ISI and DG MI and DG FC for doing their official duty of defending Pakistan against terrorist threats. Former army Chief Musharraf and former patriotic Governor Owais Ghani have been issued arrest warrants on a fake case registered by the BLA against Pakistan for conducting security operation against Akbar Bugti in which he had committed suicide and killed Pak army officers.

All over the country, judiciary is filing cases against ISI and army officers instead of punishing the terrorists. But hundreds of cases of murders, treason, kidnappings, sabotage and rebellion against BLA are being withdrawn and all terrorists being pardoned. Not a single terrorist has been sent to death by the judiciary but cases being filed against sitting DG's of ISI and MI. This is unbelievable and fatal for Pakistan. It seems that soon Pak army Corp Commanders and GOC's and army Jawans will also face criminal cases under judiciary's directives for defending Pakistan against TTP and BLA. What on earth is the Supreme Court is doing?

We the patriots now ask army to do what must be done under this total and complete collapse of the state and the government. We ask General Kayani to deliver else fate of Syria, Iraq and Libya is destined for us, Allah forbid. We had no hope from Zardari. CJ has also truly disappointed us. Now if General Kayani also stays silent and indecisive, then wait for the will of Allah to unfold. It is not far now that we will know what He has decided for ungrateful, sinful and treacherous people.

Have faith and stand firm. This is the time to make your stand for Pakistan. August 14th is close now. Take out your Pakistan flags and lift them high upon your houses. This is our message to the enemies and traitors - Pakistani nation stand united, firm and dignified and will defend Pakistan with their blood, despite the treason and treachery of its rulers and leaders.

InshAllah, army will move 111 Brigade soon. It is high time and nation demands it too.

Pakistan Zindabaad!!!!

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