Sunday, 19 August 2012

August 19, 2012

For a system of Khilafat e Rashida, any price is worth it.

On this Eid, when the entire Muslim world is in great turmoil, crisis and on the verge of decimation, we vow to resist and regroup, unite and rebuild the Ummah, InshAllah. The slaves of modern Capitalist and Communist systems based on Riba and Banking cannot even begin to imagine what Islamic system of Khilafat e Rashida. The slaves of Dajjal, within Pakistan also, remain blind, deaf and dumb and insist upon following the Kufr with all their ignorance, violence and exploitations.

Muslims created the greatest of civilizations when they followed Islam and were decimated when they deviated away from it as we are today. The time has come for the young generation to know and reclaim their lost heritage.

An Islamic civilization would be the most brilliant, progressive, tolerant and benevolent human experience ever.

Do not ask who will bring this system and how this will be achieved. Have the courage to dream first and then Allah will give you the courage to achieve it. Sallahuddin Ayyubi was a gift. Quaid e Azam and Baba Iqbal were gifts. Ask Allah for a just ruler and He will give you the gift of another Salahhuddin if you are sincere.

InshAllah, there is great Khair coming. You will hear good news soon but price will be high and sacrifices will have to be given. But for a system of Khilafat e Rashida, any price is worth it.

Eid Mubarak to you all. ZH

 Love you Mujahideen of Pakistan armed forces.




No words -- just tears.......

Love you Mujahideen of Pakistan armed forces. We can never pay your debt... Never..

 Love you Pakistan army, Navy, Air force, FC, Rangers, Police

 and all those who are willing to live with dignity, 

 no questions asked, to keep this Sabz Hilal high!





When you celebrate your Eid tomorrow with your loved ones, remember that there are hundreds of thousands of Shaheeds who are floating in blood to protect this Pak Sarzameen so that a Muslim millat can live with dignity, peace and honor upon it. Under your soil, the grass is green because it has been nurtured by the red blood of the soldiers who even today are away from their homes, families and loved ones, so that you can be with yours!

Love you Pakistan army, Navy, Air force, FC, Rangers, Police and all those who are willing to live with dignity, no questions asked, to keep this Sabz Hilal high! Barak Allah Feekum!!!

 The nation's economic system is at war with Allah (swt)

 and then the leaders ask us how to fix

 the economic crisis of the country?


The nation's economic system is at war with Allah (swt) and then the leaders ask us how to fix the economic crisis of the country?

The Judiciary does not implement Qisas (justice and punishment), in which Allah says is the life of any soc
iety, and then we ask why is our society dying of violence and terror?

This is the system of Khilafate Rashida in which the economic system will NOT be based on Riba, Justice will be free, at the doorsteps and will be seen to be implemented, hungry and poor will be fed, all income taxes will be abolished, Only Zakat and Usher (agri tax) would be imposed, State would be responsible for education, health, security, dignity and livelihood of each and every citizen and the corrupt would hang by the poles! The rulers will be true servants of the people, living a hmble life and accessible to the masses, their guardian angels, not abusers and tyrants.

This is going to happen very soon InshAllah. This is the mission and duty of every Muslim now. This is called Takmeel e Pakistan!!!

Media, politicians, parliament and the judiciary 

deliberately  create this confusion

 to brand all Taliban as one. 



Afghan Taliban are Mullah Umar, Jalauddin Haqqani and Gulbadin Hekmatyar. They are freedom fighters and doing a legitimate war of resistance against foreign occupation forces. Afghan Taliban are friends of Pakistan and have never caused a single act of terror against Pakistan. They never destroy schools not kill women and children. Ask Yvonne Ridley!

TTP are Pentagon Taliban, created by CIA to wage a 4th Generation war against Pakistan and are ruthless in killing women and children and attack Pakistan army and civilians all over the country in suicide bombings, car bombs and assassinations. Attacks on Kamra, Mehran and on ISI as well as on Marriott and the targeted assassinations of Pakistani Muslims, women and children are all being carried out by TTP.

Media, politicians, parliament and the judiciary deliberately create this confusion to brand all Taliban as one. Know the facts and arm yourself with knowledge. TTP is based in Kunar, backed by RAW and CIA and no drones are ever launched against TTP. All drones are against Afghan Taliban and their Pakistani sympathizer tribes.

Such is Zia's legacy in the Muslim world even today.

And just conclude our argument decisively, watch this one minute clip! Was he a hated dictator or a beloved leader of the time. Turkey sent 4 delegation. Bangladesh President and dozens of world leaders were present with over 2.5 million Pakistanis crying their hearts out in Islamabad and millions all over the world.

I met an old Turk in Masjid e Nabwi shareef in 2005. When I told him I was from Pakistan, he only said two words -- ZiaulHaq, Shaheed and then he started to cry uncontrollably!! Such is Zia's legacy in the Muslim world even today.

It is our duty to defend the izzat and dignity of a Momin ruler who has been most abused, humiliated and ridiculed by the liberal secular and all the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) -- Hindus, Jews and Zionists. See the quality of filth we have today who pass as leaders and then you would know how badly we miss him today. Khair inshAllah.

A bloody cleanup is just around the corner and decades of filth is about to washed in seas of blood. Just watch. We will not give any further details but greatest of khair is coming, though the price would be high in sacrifice but it will definitely clean the filth for good, InshAllah.

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