Tuesday, 21 August 2012

August 22, 2012


Never ever betray your army at this stage



The imposed which we face today and its next phase is being fought and will be fought within our cities. Pak army will lead the way but the entire nation will have to join in this sacred duty. Prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. ext few months would be of great test. Only the strongest souls would be able to take the stress. Those who are in denial today would be shocked into incapacity and breakdown. Only the most honorable and dignified would remain standing. Never ever betray your army at this stage. The time has come and they are the only steel wall between your homes and the enemy tanks! If you do not believe us, ask Muslims of Iraq, Syria and Libya. Their armies fell apart and then the nations!

 This is how these prides of the nation spent their Eid!



Indians staged this TTP and BLA insurgency to destroy Pakistan. Instead, a great khair came from this war. The entire Pakistan army is now battle trained, hardened like steel, as a well oiled war machine with ready to destroy any adversary InshAllah. Indian army is falling apart in terms of discipline and training. They rely of modern weapons but our tigers are more fierce fighters now, clear in their vision, mission and duty. InshAllah, India would regret the day when these armies clash. This is how these prides of the nation spent their Eid!



 Ghazwa e Hind!  the signs are that is about

 to begin within months!



Only Allah knows the time when this final battle would begin but its outcome is defined and the signs are that is about to begin within months! The cost would be heavy but the fruits would be worth it -- This is called the final battle of Ghazwa e Hind!

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