Tuesday, 14 August 2012

August 13, 2012

A lesson which should be carved on the heart 

of every Muslim Pakistani

The "Daastaan" of our romantic journey is most beautifully reflected in ths epic serial. We would strongly urge all of you to watch it and cry your heart out at the sacrifices, romance and the desire for glory of our forefathers.

The story of a Muslim girl, whose "Zikr" was "Pakistan Zindabaad" and who sacrificed all and everything for this Medina e Sani. Watch how the youth of Pakistan created Pakistan at that time. Observe the Muslim civilization, culture, language, values and manners and the unbearable betrayals of "Muslims" who had sided with Hindus and British. Know the real face of Hindus which Muslims still cannot see. Even then, the munafiqeen, idiots and stupids within our ranks insisted upon "Aman Ki Asha" and then one day Hindus kidnapped our daughters!

Each one of you is under debt of these great people who gave up all so that you can live with dignity today. Watch and share. We urge you to take time out and let your soul be vaporized! Never ever betray Pakistan. Pakistan InshAllah, Humaisha Paindabaad!

Pakistan's ideology will be protected at all cost,

 at any price, against all odds, 

against all enemies, InshAllah!

On this August 14th, the day two nation theory ignited the Muslims of India to carve out a homeland away and separate from Hindu because we could NOT live with them due to their hatred for Islam and Muslims. But today, Pakistani media and C
able operators are the enemies working to demolish the very foundations of the Islamic state for which we gave 5 million shaheeds and quarter of a million Muslim girls sacrificed their honor!

We make this categorical announcement loud and clear --- if the Cable channels do not stop Indian programs and filth, then inshAllah, soon, when a patriotic government would come in power, we will not just hang these cable operators for treason but also stop their entire business and nationalize it under treason act. Today, they are betraying Pakistan and we are observing it closely. Tomorrow, they should not complain when the patriots take their revenge! Pakistan's ideology will be protected at all cost, at any price, against all odds, against all enemies, InshAllah!

Do NOT stop, mission is yet unaccomplished, 

destiny still unfinished!

Do NOT stop, mission is yet unaccomplished, destiny still unfinished! Our forefathers started the journey and died in the process. We have to complete it or die trying! If we fail, our future generations have to hold the flag and march on..... It is a journey we must make, at all cost, at any price, against all odds!

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