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August 20, 2012



We have to ask Allah for a Salahuddin!

 He will never gift us such a treasure

 if we are not worthy of it.




Such a great ruler who is divinely blessed and a symbol of Faqr e Ghayyur, Mard e Azaad and Band e Momin will NEVER come through democracy. It has never come through elections or voting in the entire Muslim history. Allah (swt) does NOT put any restriction on the ways and means to select a ruler. This must be noted carefully that all four Khulfa e Rashideen were selected through different means!!!!

All our finest Aulia Allah rulers were "Military Dictators" or Kings or Sultans from the definition of modern political terminology. As long as we keep on insisting upon filthy western democracy to give us rulers like Sallahuddin Ayyubi, we will continue to be humiliated in Dunya and Akhira. It is like expecting that Riba based interest bearing fake paper currency based economic model to give is economic prosperity, Halal rizq and social stability. It is NOT possible. You cannot clean a Masjid with Haraam wine and expect that it will purify the house of Allah (swt).

The present democracy is Haraam in totality. The way people are willing to kill and die for power and then the way the use that power for self ambitions and sinister ends take away all khair and Barakah and Allah's help is withdrawn, hence Fasad in Dunya as we see in Pakistan today.

We have to ask Allah for a Salahuddin! He will never gift us such a treasure if we are not worthy of it. We indulge in Haraam, are happy with Riba and Banks, are divided into sects, ethnic groups and tribes and are not bothered when Allah's deen is humiliated, then why should Allah bless us with a Salahuddin?

It is time for great Astaghfar. Azaab is just around the corner and the leaders, Qazis and Ulama are busy in collecting Dunya and making fun of the azaan which is being given to warn them. Allah will bless us with a Salahuddin InshAllah but it seems that now a massive cleanup of the filth would be done first, perhaps at the hands of the Crusaders! Astaghfurullah! Once these Zalims see the azaab, then there will be no tauba. It is closer than they think.



What is Khilafat e Rashida model???






The Munafiqs and liberal seculars say that today it is not possible to create a political, economic and social model based on Khilafate Rashida! This is not just rubbish but also a deliberate sinister propaganda to create doubt on the the moral, spiritual and ideological foundations of Islam.

What is Khilafat e Rashida model??? Any government and rule led by a dignified, honorable, brave, courageous and spiritual leader would be modeled on Khilafate Rashida. Creating such a spiritual system is actual that simple. It has been achieved dozens of time in Muslim history before and will be repeated again till we reach the end times when a total and complete Khilafat on the pattern of Nubuwwat would be created. Hadees Shareef calls it Khilafat ala Minhaj un Nubuwwat!!

But till that time, many governments would come which would be modeled on the Sunnah of Khilafate Rashida. Sayyadna Umer Bin Abdul Aziz, achieved it. Sultan Sallahuddin Ayubi also achieved it. Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir wrote Quran and sewed caps to earn his living. Hundreds of Muslims Kings, Generals, rulers created such just systems of governance and administration that humans were dazzled by their justice, courage and honor. If there is any khair in any government and ruler, you will find that it has been modeleld on Khilafate Rashida! Even the West today says that they have learnt administration from Sayyadna Umer (RA).

When Allah wills, he will give Pakistan a just ruler like Sultan Sallahudin Ayubi who will establish the political, economic and social systems based on Khilafate Rashida, NOT democracy, NOT dictatorship, Not Socialism, NOT capitalism, NOT communism, NOT secularism! We are unique. We have done it before. We will do it again, InshAllah! Now we will NOT settle on Haraam!!

 Cyber Warriors !






This is what our teams do. From the platforms of their laptops, they fight a ruthless and fierce battle to defend our faith, ideology and land. Our finest team members are women and girls who work silently from the privacy of their homes, defeating the hostile propaganda against the Ummah and the Millat.

Our outreach daily is more than 10 million people, Alhamdolillah, more than most of the private channels in Pakistan. Our informers penetrate deep into global think tanks and databases and recover data which is considered secret by the enemies. Our members make emotional and motivational videos -- almost one a week -- to ignite the love of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) in the nation. Our closest members run almost 100 pages, blogs, websites and Channels to spread the message and the mission. You will never see any of our members in public nor know where they are based. This is our strength alhamdolillah! We operate in silence, strike in the darkness and disappear like the morning star. This is called cyber warfare -- the latest and most ruthless battlefield. We are front line of defense for this Pak Sarzameen, Alhamdolillah!

If you are crazy enough to share our perilous journey, 

you are most welcome :)

We are constantly getting requests that people want to join our team and the mission. To them we would like to clarify the following:

BrassTacks and Mission Takmeel e Pakistan is an ideological, spiritual and physical movement but it does
not have formal registration of members. You are its member if you share the vision, mission, passion and the duty and then spread it to fight the information war. We make our posts on FB, on our sites and blogs which are then further distributed by the volunteers who are members of our pages. All those who wish to contribute, should join our websites and pages and arm themselves with knowledge and be a source of spreading the wisdom and knowledge. That's one way of participating.

Our volunteer mailing group is advertised on our website . Those dedicated people who give their time, love, resources and effort to the cause are added to the CoreTeam mailing group and become the core advisory team to the mission. Both our volunteers are Core team members are spread globally to make the most powerful team of Information warfare fighters in the cyber world, alhamdolillah. They are all unpaid volunteers, driven by passion and emotions and love for Pak Sarzameen!!

There are many members who are placed at important positions and have access to knowledge and critical security / economic / social issues information which we ordinarily would not have. They send us that extremely useful information which we process and turn into global security assessment. if you can do that, that is also a great contribution. send it directly to me at my e-mail address: Or

Thirdly, you can arrange our meetings and lectures at critical places and with students where we can directly interact with people to convey our point of view. These days, we are not traveling out of Islamabad, so this aspect is slightly on a hold except in Islamabad and Pindi.

All those who want to meet me are welcome anytime. We are based in Rawalpindi and are easily accessible without any formal protocol nonsense. Availability is an issue sometimes due to our very busy shcedule but that can be managed. Please call our Staff Officer Imaad Khalid at 0321 -- 5001370 to set up time and appointment or send an e-mail to me directly with your full introduction and details of discussion agenda.

We DO NOT take donations. But you can contribute by buying our Books and CD's and distributing them to the people to spread the azaan.

Almost 90% of the work and duty that we do remains invisible to the world and is known to the closest of the team members, hence we get many suggestions from the people that we should also do something "practical" away from the FB :))

InshAllah, this October, we will celebrate the 5 years of Mission Takmeel e Pakistan, alhamdolillah! These have been most astounding, phenomenal, amazing, incredible and indeed stressful 5 years for us and our team but Allah (swt) has been incredibly merciful and benevolent. We faced most vicious and violent opposition from every segment of the society -- from liberal seculars to the religious terrorists to the government to the media to the foreign secret services to the "friends"! It was not easy to stand with us in these most difficult of times and we lost many good people who could not take the crushing stress of the journey. We have no regrets nor complaints from them and we understand that the path we have chosen is almost suicidal in physical terms and the price to pay is staggeringly high. No religious, political or social group in Pakistan have the courage to support our cause and mission. Only the humblest and the most sincere ones flock around us. We march literally alone and need no one else. HasbunAllah Wa Naimal Wakeel!

So, if you want to join us, keep the above factors in mind. We are those idealistic dreamers who have dared to dream the impossible and have challenged the gods of the time and are now more than willing to live and die for the mission. If you are crazy enough to share our perilous journey, you are most welcome :) You know where to call now. Do not say later that we did not warn you :)

With love and dua


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