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August 15, 2012


The secular and munafiqs can go to hell.



This is only our part of the program but they had heavily edited out some of our powerful arguments. Also, the gustakhi of Amir Liaqat against Hadees of Rasul Allah (sm) on Khilafat e Rashida was taken out to save him the embarrassment, eve
n though he remains shameless. The final and decisive argument have been given -- Pakistan will be re-modeled on pattern of Khilafat e Rashida inshAllah and there will NOT be any compromise on our fundamental faith, values and beliefs. The secular and munafiqs can go to hell.

This is incredible article by Bharat Verma. 

India is disintegrating !!!



This is incredible article by Bharat Verma. India is disintegrating !!! Bharat Verma is a rabid anti Islam and anti Pakistan Hindu Zionist. Most of you would remember our battle with him on Express TV four years ago. He always talks about d
estroying Pakistan. But now the reality is dawning upon him. It is the India which is being destroyed from within, alhamdolillah. Here, he is forced to accept the crisis India faces within. Those pro-Hindu SAFMA snakes who always speak of crisis within Pakistan will never tell you which this Hindu Zionist is forced to acknowledge.

While India continues to deploy wars against Pakistan, Allah (swt) is deploying His own plans against the Hindu Zionists. InshAllah, all those snakes who conspire to wage war aganst Pak Sarzameen would be humiliated in dunya and akhira. Allahu Akbar!

InshAllah, these 13 minutes will change your 

entire perspective towards life,

 towards Pakistan and towards your 

duty to Rasul Allah (sm)!



InshAllah, these 13 minutes will change your entire perspective towards life, towards Pakistan and towards your duty to Rasul Allah (sm)! Our mission, passion, duty and role in the world defined for those who seek to be soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm) in these times of great test and trial for the Ummah! Share and spread and be part of this khair.




The real Quaid and the final solution

Our program of today on Dunya TV. The system is so filthy and corrupt that there is no chance that it will reform itself. Now either a Salllahuddin Ayubi is needed or another "Halaku Khan" will wipe the filthy political, judicial and economic system. Quaid's vision was to create an Islamic state on the model of Khilafat e Rashida. That is our destiny and mision now! Enough of deceptions and lies in the name of democracy, capitalism and dictatorships.

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