Sunday, 2 September 2012

September 2, 2012


We will have zero tolerance towards 

sectarianism or fasad. 




Team, members, children, we will delete and ban all posts which spread general hatred against any sect of Muslims. We are Muslims first and Pakistanis second. We do NOT acknowledge any divisions of color, caste, creed, sects or language within Muslims.

But we are against all those snakes who are against Pakistan. It does NOT matter to us from which sect or political group they belong. We will attack them fiercely. All those who are Khawarij, wage a war against Pakistan and call Quaid e Azam as Kafir and reject two nation theory and side with Hindus are our enemies. It does NOT matter to us which sect or group they belong to. Make this clear.

Make this very clear. read our posts below and do not post messages of fitnah! We will have zero tolerence towards sectarianism or fasad. Many Congressi Mullahs and their Hindu supporters are on this page as well and they are trying to divert the attention from Khawarij and Congressi Mullahs towards other sectarian issues. Pl be advised. We will Ban all those spreading fitnah!

The Congress is a Mushrik party.

 How can a Muslim be its staunch supporter

 and help them to slaughter millions of Muslims? 



Congress is pure Hindu Zionist Organization which is responsible for slaughter of millions of Muslims at the hands of Hindus during partition. The Congress is a Mushrik party. How can a Muslim be its staunch supporter and help them to slaughter millions of Muslims? How can a "Sheikh ul Islam" be a Congressi Mushrik?????

Even today, the JUH and their Pakistani counterparts meet and plan secretly against Pakistan and conspire with Zionists. This is an article appearing in The HINDU, a leading Indian paper. From political alliance with Hindus and Zionists to waging a war against Pakistan, the Congressi Mullahs have blood on their hands and continue to side with the Hindus. This is unforgivable and a greatest of sin.

This is pure politics and an issue of war against Muslims and Pakistan and NOT a sectarian issue. If Shias, Ahl Hadees or barelvis would be members of Congress, we would have treated them the same way. There are good patriotic Deobandis who are with us in this misison and who have sided with Pakistan always. War against Rasul Allah (sm) will NOT be tolerated. The "Abu Lahabs" of the time will find us their biggest enemies! All Muslims, from all sects, are against Congressi Mushrik Mullahs!

  Khawarij  incidentally happen to belong to the ideology

 of Jamiat Ulama e Hind, a pro-Congressi Hindus deobandi gang.

  TTP themselves acknowledge this




When Gandhi was invited into Darul Uloom deoband, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi protested and resigned and joined Quaid e Azam and Pak movement. Same for Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani. But the the tradition of inviting Zionist bloodsucker Hindus into Deoband India continues even today. This is a latest picture of 2010 when grandson of Hussain Ahmed Madni is celebrating with a Swami, astaghfurullah!

To all Muslims we ask, for Allah's sake, you cannot take Mushriks as your friends especially when they have already slaughtered 5 milion Muslims and kidnapped and raped nearly quarter million Muslim sisters and daughters!!!! What will say to those "Muslims" who still take them as friends and brothers???????

When we speak against Khawarij and their mentors in pro-Hindu Congressi Mullahs, this is history and we are exposing their war against Pak Sarzameen.

This is history and facts and NOT a war of aqeeda or sect. There are patriotic pro-Pakistan Deobandis who have sided with Quaid and Pakistan and have even given blood for Pakistan.

Then there are anti-Pakistan deobandis who always side with Hindus and are now waging a war against Pakistan through Khawarij.

This is fact and we must rise above prejudice and sectarian rage. Pakistan is under attack and we have to fight the Khawarij, who incidentally happen to belong to the ideology of Jamiat Ulama e Hind, a pro-Congressi Hindus deobandi gang. TTP themselves acknowledge this. We are NOT making this up. listen to their interviews posted on this page.

No compromise on Pakistan, medina e Sani and defense of Pakistan. Allama Iqbal called them followers of path of Abu Lahab. if anyone has any problem, go and argue with Baba Iqbal. We will speak the truth. Congressi pro-Hindus can go to hell. 

The Kufr and baghwat of Congressi 

  Deobandi Mullahs!




Let us show you the filthy mentality of Congressi mullah Hussain Ahmed Madni, whom Allama Iqbal equated with Abu Lahab! Just like Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Mullah Madni was also told spiritually about the creation of Pakistan. But while Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani accepted the order of Rasul Allah (sm) and joined Quaid e Azam, Mullah Hussain Madni still rebelled against the Divine decision and decided to continue side with the Hindu Mushriks and oppose Pakistan. They still continue to do so and wage a war against Pak Sarzameen through their militant arm of Khawarij !

Quran says, that Jews knew that Rasul Allah (sm) is a true Prophet but still they decided to opose Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). This is exactly the same case with Congressi Mullahs! Just read the following deference and recite Astaghfar!






Our azaan of Takmeel e Pakistan and the spiritual mystical

 destiny of this Medina e Sani is now

 becoming the heartbeat of this millat. 







Alhamdolillah, we have made contact with the author Hasan Mehmood. MashAllah still a young man who wrote this amazing book when he was only 27 years of age. This is barakah and taufeeq from Allah (swt). We have also come to know that the book is available at Ferozsons Rawalpindi branch on Peshawar road. Pl contact Ferozsons closest to you and ask them to get this book for you from their Pindi branch. We shall also try to stock a few copies at our office as well for distribution.

Alhamdolillah, our azaan of Takmeel e Pakistan and the spiritual mystical destiny of this Medina e Sani is now becoming the heartbeat of this millat. This book by a young man is a living proof MashAllah. Mission Takmeel e Pakistan is a reality and will manifest itself very soon inshAllah!

An amazing, emotional romantic story of this

 Pak Sarzameen and its spiritual and 

mystical dimensions



Dear Children and members, we will strongly recommend you to find this book and read it. It is an amazing, emotional romantic story of this Pak Sarzameen and its spiritual and mystical dimensions. It is a rare book and the author is a young unknown man whom we are trying to find ourselves. If anyone knows about him or the publishers, pl send us an email. An amazing patriot MashAllah and writes about the the divine will about this Medina e Sani! This book must be in every library and read by every Pakistani,

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