Monday, 10 September 2012

September 10, 2012

Pray that Allah bless you with such Sultans!!

  Thats the only way to khair, not this filthy democracy. 




InshAllah, there is great khair for Pak Sarzameen but this nation is now asking for a very severe punishment. From the rulers to the Qazis to the people, all have become disrespectful towards Rasul Allah (sm) and the book of Allah. Adab use d to be a virtue of Muslim rulers. Let us show you a glimpse of what adab meant. Even in the last days of Usmani Khilafat, the Sultans were so respectful towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), MashAllah. Pray that Allah bless you with such Sultans!! Thats the only way to khair, not this filthy democracy.


One of last Sultans of the Ottoman State, Sultan Abdulaziz Khan, was very devoted and full of reverence for the Prophet (s.a.s.) One day whilst he was lying in bed ill, pale and semi-conscious, he was told:

"Here is a petition from a the people of Madina". Hearing this, the Sultan gathered all the strength that he could muster and said to his helpers:

"Take me downstairs immediately. Let me listen to the petition that has come from the Haramayn whilst standing. A request from the neighbours of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.s.) cannot be listened to whilst seated and with my legs stretched out, contrary to courtesy"

Whenever the post came from Madina, he would renew his ablution and kiss the letters saying "They have the blessed dust of Madina on them". He would then hand them to the head scribe to open and read them.


Recite Fatiha and Durud shareef!

  Allah says in Quran that your society, people, faith, Imaan

 and all that you posses will only live if you enforce Qisas!



Allah says in Quran that your society, people, faith, Imaan and all that you posses will only live if you enforce Qisas! Which means justice, adal, punishment to criminals, Khawarij and to those who do zulm. This judicial system has collapsed. On the day of judgment, these judges, lawyers and prosecution, will NOT be able to give any excuse in front of Allah (swt). They sit on a Kufr British made judicial system anyways which is at war with Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). They do not decide according to Sharia but anglo-saxon law of 1860. Today, Pakistan is at war. This judicial system and its decadent laws have failed.

This stupid arguments that judges can only decide on proof which is the responsibility of the prosecution will NOT hold in front of Allah (swt). Judges are corrupt and afraid also. Allah wants justice NOT excuses.

All over the world, new laws and new courts have been formed by all countries to handle such terrorism. Army can court martial these terrorists in army courts because army is fighting them and there are no other witness than army, ISI or the agencies whose evidence is not admitted in the court. No witness appear against these terrorists. Judges dare not decide cases against them.

Army courts must be invoked and court martial proceedings should be initiated. CJ must realize that his judicial system has collapsed bringing the country down with it. CJ is blocking the move to initiate military courts. If he is sincere, he must allow the army to deliver justice or resign from his post of CJ. He is harming the country now. We want justice!! It does not matter who delivers. Thats what Allah wants too!



When a nation starts to support and sympathies with Khawarij,

 then wait for Allah's azaab either in the form of Khawarij 

or Hindus or Crusaders!






When Allah (swt) wants to punish a people, He blinds them to see the truth and they cannot make a distinction between Haq and Batil and become deaf, dumb and blind! When a nation starts to support and sympathies with Khawarij, then wait for Allah's azaab either in the form of Khawarij or Hindus or Crusaders!

It is not just the judicial system which is corrupt, the mentality, wisdom and thinking of the entire nation has been corrupted by the system of Dajjal and its paid media. This is the job of media -- to put waswasa in your hearts, make you doubtful about the real identity of the enemies and confuse you between your friends and enemies. For Allah's sake, leave your own opinion aside and read what Rasul Allah (sm) has told us about Khawarij! If this is not the picture of a Kharji then what is it?????? These are the Khawarij of TTP based in Lal masjid under the orders, protection, direction and planning of the two Mullahs!

Rasul Allah (sm) has blessed the army which fight the Khawarij! If you believe in Rasul Allah (sm) then stop giving your own opinion or you will be lose your entire good deeds and you wont even know about it. Anyone, who says that TTP and their likes are not khawarij is in any case either an idiot or an enemy and his opinion does not matter.

The world knows that Lal masjid Mullahs did. The army fought a battle with them for 7 days. Over 50 soldiers and officers died in that battle. The same Lal masjid supporters went to Swat and started the Swat rebellion under Mullah Fazlullah and now are waging a war from Kunar against Pakistan. Chief Justice and his judiciary and the judicial system should have known all this before granting them honorable release and bails. Army gave all the evidence but the Judiciary refuse to accept the evidence. NOT a single terrorist of Lal masjid has ever been punished. Army did its job which it was asked to do. Musharraf handled it foolishly but that does not mean Lal masjid did not have khawarij!

On the blindness of the people, all we can say is "innalillahe inna alehe rajeoon! What else can you say about people who are hypnotized by the media controlled by Dajjal!

When Qazi become instrument of Zulm,

then there is Azaab for him and the millat!




The UN has been invited into Pakistan because our Judiciary is NOT delivering justice. Azaad Adlia has become Madar Pidar azaad adlia. Not a single terrorist has been convicted in the last 12 years while over a 100,000 Pakistani Muslims have been killed and wounded by these Khawarij and their likes. What message are we giving to Khawarij, terrorists and insurgents??

Today's latest breaking news: Judiciary release honorably the Lal masjid gang of Khawarij who had waged a war against the state of Pakistan and had killed over 50 Pak army troops and citizens. Mullah Abdul Aziz (the Burqa fame), is seen here standing along side TTP terrorists waging a war against Medina e Sani but has today been acquitted of the murder charges and lives a luxurious life in Bahria Town! Inna lillahe Inna alehe Rajeoon!

This is the state of justice and Qisas in this Judiciary under Iftikhar Chaudrey. Now you know why the Aulia Allah of Masjid e Nabwi and Pakistan are doing Bad-dua for this man! When Qazi become instrument of Zulm, then there is Azaab for him and the millat!

The final plans for UN mandated invasion of Pakistan

 are put into motion.



The final plans for UN mandated invasion of Pakistan are put into motion. We had been warning of this scenario and now it is unfolding. Unless army takes over and removes this regime, we will have to fight street battles like Libya and Syria within weeks. Khair inshAllah.

UN officially intervenes in the internal affairs of Baluchistan

ISLAMABAD: A United Nations working group on enforced or i
nvoluntary disappearances arrived in Pakistan on Sunday to evaluate the case of missing persons.

While in Pakistan, the working group will gather information pertaining to missing persons’ cases. It will meet government officials and families of missing persons and also visit all four provinces of the country.

The working group will present its findings to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR). The group will be in Pakistan from September 10 to 20 on the invitation of the government.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
Martin Luther King Jr.


We reject the interest based banking system run

 through fake paper currency! 



The entire system of money, banking, finance and investments is at war with Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). This is the challenge for us. When Quaid e Azam inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan in 1948, his last speech, he categorically mentioned the western economic system as the root cause of all evils in the world. He said that now only a miracle can save the world driven by western Banking system and Riba!

He also asked the State Bank of Pakistan to work towards an Islamic economic model. Most of our children and even the elders have no idea what an Islamic economic system is which is solid, just and without any exploitation of the humanity. This diagram will give you a snapshot. For details, please watch our series Economic Terrorism on our website.

For us, there is NO choice now. We reject the interest based banking system run through fake paper currency! It is the total and complete fraud and Haram but unfortunately, approved by our scholars under the facade of "Islamic Banking"! We reject it because Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) are at war with it and there is no question of any compromise! Never, ever!

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