Friday, 28 September 2012

September 28, 2012



Alhamdolillah, our magical mystical journey of 

the lands of Khilafat e Usmania continues...





Alhamdolillah, our magical mystical journey of the lands of Khilafat e Usmania continues...

Every bit of history of the last many thousands of years has been preserved with love and care -- from great Masjids to relics of beloved prophets and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) to graves of former Sultans and the grand Bazaars and old city walls and streets - this is a strange fairytale land which transports you into the times of Sultan Fateh, Sulaiman Alishan and Bayazid Yaldram when the soul shaking beat of Mehtar Band in battles would shake the hearts and souls of the enemy even before the battles..

But heart bleeds as well to see what we have lost..... and inspires us again to fight with every bit of life within to reclaim this lost glory! By Allah we will, we will InshAllah!

BrassTacks Petition against Baluchistan Insurgency !

Alhamdolillah, while travelling in the lands of Khilafat e Usmania, Syyadna Abu Ayub Ansari and Maulana Jalal uddin Rumi, we recived this email this morning reporting our petition in the Supreme Court against Akbar Bugti's death propaganda.
This is a great breakthrough and now InshAllah, the Supreme Court would be obliged to hear the petition and not to delay or ignore it as they did it with our SAFMA petition. In this times of war, it is time SC stands with the nation and not against it. If they cannot punish the terrorists, cannot restrain the hostile media and cannot stop the massive hostile info war against the state despite the fact that they have the authority to do it, then what good are they for? this is their last and final test before we pass a final judgment on them. Khair inshAllah!

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