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September 29, 2012



Our Petition has really burnt the tails 

of the enemies alhamdolillah :))




Our Petition has really burnt the tails of the enemies alhamdolillah :)) . This appears in The News today and they are going crazy that even the army chief is quoting our petition on the issue. Our ongoing visit to Turkey is being twisted to show some kind of an ISI conspiracy :)) truly mentally retarded psychos :))) . we are loving every bit of it as we kick them hard and solid where it hurts most. Meanwhile, we are enjoying the grapes from the farm of Baba Hussian :)))))

"Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani had echoed the same line on the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti in a special cabinet meeting on Balochistan as has been taken in the petition of Zaid Hamid, a self-styled security analyst known for close links with the military establishment. Zaid Hamid’s connection with the military establishment is an open secret. A few days ago, a delegation of his ‘think-tank’ Brass Tacks went to Turkey in the company of a military delegation along with the officials of Pak-Turk Institute"




 Baba Hussain, now all Pakistan knows you and 

send back the love which you have for

 Rasul Allah (sm) and Pakistan.



In 2004, We had met an old Turk Baba in Masji e Nabwi Shareef. He cried constantly in love of Rasul Allah (sm) and even more when he knew that we are from Pakistan. Baba Hussain only spoke Turkish but our hearts connected so profoundly that we decided to visit him in Turkey in 2005. He was born during the first world war and has seen the painful transformation of Turkey from the seat of Khilafat to the liberal secular anarchy in the 20th century.

Today, Baba Hussain is 96 years old and as passionately emotional about Pakistan as he is about Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). We had an emotional and soul melting meting with him and he took us to his old farm house where he still maintains his small orchid staying close to the land he tills. We were most lovingly invited into his family of children, grand children and great grand children, MashAllah and we truly saw the love and bonding in this Ummat of Rasul Allah (sm). The family of Baba Hussian have maintained their Islamic character and values and shine like bright pearls in this sea of liberal westernization we see in Turkey today. They all spoke only Turkish but there was nothing that we did not discuss and understood through the warmth of their love.

InshAllah, one day, the Kufr made barriers of visas and passports will be removed in this ummat and once again Muslims will travel and meet freely with each other as was being done for 1400 years. Baba Hussian is one of the last remaining khair from the period of Khilafat and with him and his values remain alive the hopes and khair in our brotherly Turk Millat also.

Baba Hussain, now all Pakistan knows you and send back the love which you have for Rasul Allah (sm) and Pakistan. May Allah keep you strong, healthy and vibrant to see the lost glory of the Ummah once again. Stay blessed always and forever...

Please post this notice on your FB's and circulate

 this in your contacts.

Do your duty and join the battle!




Please post this notice on your FB's and circulate this in your contacts. This is information war and enemies are using deceptions, lies, propaganda and fake profiles to create confusions about our sacred mission and duty. Our battlefield is the cyber world and the airwaves and this is where we are counter attacking the enemies of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). Do your duty and join the battle!

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