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September 18, 2012



A great gift from Allah and Rasul (SAW), read, memorize,

 spread, and keep a check on yourself.



Read this most incredible and soul shaking Hadees quoted by Sheikh Ibn e Arabi (1165-1240).

In Allama Iqbal's house, Sheikh Ibn e Arabi's books were taught by his father. Allama Iqbal also wrote a treatise on the book "Insaan e Kamil" by Sheikh Arabi's student Abdul Kareem al Jeeli.

The quoted hadees below is one of the most profound in wisdom and a gift to the Ummah from Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). read it over and over again and protect yourself from the evils of shaitan.

One request: Please DO NOT start a debate on the authenticity of the hadees. We have given you the reference of the book and the great Mystic who has written it. Try to understand the wisdom of the hadees which is purely according to Quran and Sunnah and is indeed a stunning commentary on how Shaitan lead the humans astray. Some scholars may not accept Ibn e Arabi as "authentic" but to some, he is the "Sheikh ul Akbar"! Allama Iqbal always respected and loved Sheikh Arabi. We do as well.






If a "Salahuddin" does not rise from within soon, 

then a "Halaku Khan" will come from outside 

to clean up this filth called democracy!





If a "Salahuddin" does not rise from within soon, then a "Halaku Khan" will come from outside to clean up this filth called democracy! It is the writing on the wall now.

BrassTacks Threat Analysis and Security Situation report:

The ultimate diplomatic and Geo-political nightmare if now unfolding in Pakistan. Just as they did in Libya, UN is now getting involved in Baluchistan over human rights issue and a case is being built against Pakistan for a UN intervention in Baluchistan. No one in the government is owning the “invitation” to the UN team.

No one knows who has authorized it or under which mandate this is being done. There is a total conspiracy of silence in the government, media and the judiciary. The secrecy to the entire mission is itself sinister. There are vices being raised in the parliament but just for the gallery. The UN is now well and truly poised to build a case for a direct military intervention into Baluchistan. Once the case gets the UN sanction, NATO would start to roll in from Afghanistan to cut a corridor to Gawader through the province of Baluchistan. Welcome to the invasion of Pakistan under Af-Pak!

The stage for an invasion is being set step by step. The sequence is as following:

1. Sub-nationalists and insurgents like BLA backed by CIA and RAW wage a war against the state and force thousands of youth and tribals to migrate to Afghanistan or join the insurgency. Baluchistan is turned into a death zone for all those patriots who protect and defend Pakistan.

2. Media creates a hype about the “missing persons” creating a global outcry based on totally false, fabricated and propaganda stories to malign the security forces and national secret services.

3. Supreme Court CJ takes notice and either naively or deliberately plays into the hands of the enemies and separatists. For example, the grandson of Akbar Bugti, Brahmdagh Bugti is based in Switzerland and is waging the military campaign against the state while the son of Akbar Bugti is filing cases in the courts against army and the state for “missing persons”. It is incredible that it all in the “family” for the insurgents.

4. CJ starts his bashing of the ISI, FC and army, even registering cases against the security forces instead of the terrorists and the insurgents. In the Akbar Bugti’s death case, where no inquiry and investigation has ever been done, CJ even becomes a party and called the “murder” as the biggest political blunder of Pakistan’s history!!!!

5. Due to the aggressive war by CJ against the army and the FC, security forces went on to the defensive, even withdrawing from the basic security operations allowing a free field to the terrorists.

6. On the other hand, government and the judiciary started to withdraw the cases against the BLA, insurgents and terrorists for hundreds of acts of war, sabotage, assassinations, kidnappings and destruction of state power and gas infrastructure. Withdrawing of cases against the insurgents without any concession from the terrorists is a deliberate betrayal of the nation and the state and Zardari and rehman Malik are an active party to this treason.

7. Moved by the “direct interest” of the CJ, UN decides to move in for a fact finding mission.

8. The separatists meet the UN mission and demand a UN intervention.

Next steps would be:

1. UN mission would go back and write a damning report against Pakistan and Pak army.

2. Global media and India would pick up the report to build an international case on Baluchistan.

3. Pakistan media would also join the Indian and western media to bring more pressure on Pak army and ISI and would demand withdrawing the army and the FC from the province, giving a free hand to the insurgents and the foreign intervention forces.

4. UN would take up the case and a debate would be initiated in the General assembly or in the Security Council on Baluchistan’s “grave” HR violations by Pakistan. A UN mandate would be created for aggressive involvement and to increase the pressure on Pakistan.

5. In the next 3 months, the entire NATO military hardware for the invasion would pass through Pakistan, bolstering the US force presence in Afghanistan, ready for rolling into Baluchistan under the UN mandate.

6. By December, Pakistan would be in total and complete anarchy and the government would be busy in elections with total collapse of civil governance and and economic axis, a civil war situation would be ripe in the country. The TTP insurgents based in Afghanistan would launch more aggressive attacks on Pak army to draw Pak army away from Baluchistan. Indians would also make aggressive moves and postures in Kashmir and on the eastern borders of Pakistan to keep Pak forces focused on East and against insurgents in FATA.

7. The prize would be to cut a strategic corridor through Gawader to Chaman for NATO. An amphibious landing on Gawader is the target.

8. The final phase of Af-Pak, 4thGW and Cold start would be launched. Invasion, occupation, war, anarchy and dismemberment.

We expect this to unfold in the next 3 to 4 months. From Somalia to Syria to Iraq to Yugoslavia – the war would head towards its logical end unless stopped now by Pak army, else the bitter end is a foregone conclusion.


Within the country, it is total chaos, death, floods and corruption as the government remains at war with the judiciary and the country has literally gone to dogs on all axis. The internal implosion is now bringing down the entire edifice of the state and the country. Rampant corruption, lawlessness and complete meltdown of social and civic services are now drawing blood staggeringly on daily basis. The anger and rage in the people is spilling in every direction.

When future history will be written, the historians would be at a total loss to find out the reason for the deafening silence and inexplicable inaction of the Army chief when the country was being sunk so rapidly on all axis. The situation can still be recovered but now it needs a bloody military coup to clean up the mess and recover the nose dive to death. Every passing day is a day lost in recovery and is increasing the cost of salvage which is getting higher and higher in blood.

A firm physical, ideological, spiritual and intellectual rebellion against the system is now a national, religious and moral duty of every patriot! We have been betrayed. Now very soon, we will be tested as well......

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