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April 3, 2012

March 3, 2012

Let us destroy the biggest lie and deception which the secularists
 have been barking against our beloved Quaid. 

Dear Children, let us destroy the biggest lie and deception which the secularists have been barking against our beloved Quaid. They say that in the first address to the Constituent assembly of Pakistan, Quaid had wanted to create a secular state. In a latest article against us in Tribute, Feisal Naqvi writes the following words:

"saying that the Quaid was secular is not treasonous. Not only was Jinnah far from being an orthodox Muslim but he explicitly disavowed a purely religious identity for Pakistan in his famous speech to the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947"

Then this lawyer (liar) Faisal gives a reference of a link to that speech. Here we produce that exact speech for you. Read it and see why we use the word Snakes for these SAFMA loyalists. Mountbatten had made an earlier speech and had asked Quaid to follow King Akbar in treating the minorities.

Then the Quaid responded giving reference of our beloved Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and of Muslim history where non-Muslims are treated with mercy, love and Kindness. Read the text of Quaid speech. Where did he say that religion will have nothing to do with the state? where did he say Pakistan would be secular? Astaghfurullah!!

These snakes deserve death under High treason charges as we have filed the case in the court. Faisal Naqvi himself has given this link in his article. we are only producing the original transcript. See for yourself how he lies.

Quaid wanted to create an Islamic state based on Islamic principles. He took guidance from Rasul Allah (sm). Listen to him.

The transcript of Quaid speech addressed to Mountbatten:

Inauguration of the Pakistan Constituent
Assembly on 14th August, 1947

Your Excellency, I thank His Majesty the King on behalf of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly and myself for his gracious message. I know great responsibilities lie ahead, and I naturally reciprocate his sentiments and we are grateful for his assurance of sympathy and support, and I hope that you will communicate to His Majesty our assurance of goodwill and friendship for the British nation and himself as the Crown head of the British Government.

I thank you for your expressions of goodwill and good wishes for the future of Pakistan. It will be our constant endeavor to work for the welfare and well-being of all the communities in Pakistan, and I hope that everyone would be inspired by the idea of public service, and they will be imbued with the spirit of co-operation and will excel in their political and civic virtues which go to make a great nation and help to advance its greatness.

I once more thank you and Lady Mountbatten for your kindness and good wishes. Yes, we are parting as friends and sincerely hope that we shall remain friends.

I wish to emphasize that we appreciate the spirit in which those in the Government service at present and in the Armed Forces and others have so willingly and ungrudgingly volunteered themselves provisionally to serve Pakistan. As servants of Pakistan we shall make them happy and they will be treated equally with our nationals. The tolerance and goodwill that great Emperor Akbar showed to all the non-Muslim is not of recent origin. It dates back thirteen centuries ago when our Prophet not only by words but by deeds treated the Jews and Christians, after he had conquered them, with the utmost tolerance and regard and respect for their faith and beliefs. The whole history of Muslims, wherever they ruled, is replete with those humane and great principles which should be followed and practiced.

Finally, I thank you for your good wishes for Pakistan, and I assure you that we shall not be wanting in friendly spirit with our neighbors and with all nations of the world"

Allahu Akbar!!!!! Now where will these sakes run?? InshAllah, we will drag them to hell.

One more point. We found another name to be added to the traitors list for the supreme court. alhamdolillah!

March 3, 2012

Every one in media and press who have been attacking the
 ideology of Pakistan is shaken by our petition in the Supreme court.  

Even of the mainstream media is desperate to hide the biggest criminal case against media, the press has started to take notice. Every one in media and press who have been attacking the ideology of Pakistan is shaken by our petition in the Supreme court. A daily in Islamabad publishes this news, alhamdolillah! Soon, when the CJ issues notices to the accused, this will be the biggest earth shaking bombshell for treacherous media, InshAllah ! Then they will report it big time! They started this war. We will finish it for them InshAllah!

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